The mRNA fanatics are nervous

The mRNA fanatics are nervous. By Alex Berenson.

Why won’t mRNA Covid vaccine advocates stand up for their jabs anymore?

Two years ago, they talked endlessly about the shots, the miracle of modern science. They said the jabs might eliminate Covid in the United States. They said anyone who refused them was a fool, at best. They defended mandating them for anyone who wanted to work or go to college. Some said unvaccinated people should be denied medical care.

No longer.

This weekend, Joe Rogan offered to donate $100,000 to charity if Dr. Peter Hotez, a loud vaccine supporter, would debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., probably the most prominent vaccine skeptic, on his podcast. Rogan’s challenge generated national and even international attention. But Hotez wouldn’t touch it, even after other people added pledges and the charity pool rose over $1 million. This morning, he whined that debating Kennedy was beneath him. “One typically doesn’t debate science,” Hotez said. …

Vaccines failed:

The United States wasn’t even the worst offender. Canada imposed a vaccine requirement for flights. Australia essentially barred unvaccinated citizens from entering or leaving. Austria went furthest, briefly imposing a full mandate on all adults.

These were political decisions, but they were made with the support and encouragement of many scientists. …

Near-universal compliance across many advanced countries failed to suppress Covid. The vaccines failed so completely and quickly that adult vaccination rates approaching 90 percent did not keep much of Europe from going back into lockdown in December 2021.

Only omicron saved us:

Only the arrival of the Omicron variants enabled public health authorities to hide the full scope of the failure. Omicron provided a ready-made excuse for the ineffectiveness of the jabs — it’s a different strain….

More importantly, Omicron is more transmissible and less dangerous than the original or Delta variants. It infected everyone, jabbed or no. …

But Omicron was and is too weak to do serious harm to almost anyone who isn’t near-death already. Thus the initial early 2022 wave of deaths from Omicron didn’t repeat this winter, even though infections remained common. Hospitalizations were low too.

In other words, Omicron picked off nearly everyone it could on its first pass. … The deaths that continue to reported look to be mostly artifacts of what Covid testing remains in institutional settings.

Just as many virologists predicted when Sars-Cov-2 first emerged, the virus has ultimately mutated to coexist with us. …

Will the truth come out, or does this join the quickly-growing list of topics no one can talk about in public without getting screamed at and cancelled?

We’re now at a strange moment.

Thanks to Omicron, health authorities and governments have never had to confront the full consequences of vaccine failure.

Public opinion has turned solidly against non-vaccine Covid countermeasures like school closures that public health advocates pushed in 2020.

But it is more divided on vaccines. Most people know the vaccines didn’t work as promised. But they haven’t grasped just how completely they failed.

Further, though all-cause mortality remains well above normal in most mRNA countries, the media has barely acknowledged that fact, much less investigated it.

Instead, a handful of longtime vaccine skeptics, many with a frankly conspiratorial bent, are the main voices investigating the mRNAs, especially in the United States.

But for the most part, the pushback has been on the margins. As vaccine advocates prefer. Because they know their arguments for the jabs — and especially mandates and boosters — cannot stand scrutiny, they simply want the entire debate to vanish.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr is their worst nightmare, a loud voice who is willing to say whatever he thinks and unafraid of the backlash. Yes, some what he says cannot stand scrutiny either. But he’s drawing attention to the relentless push for additional child (and adult) vaccines — which is driven at least in part by the special liability protection vaccines receive. …


The original RFK, shot dead in California as he was running for President in 1968. If your dad and uncle had both been assassinated, you might tend toward conspiracy theories too.


Vaccines are no longer niche, low-profit pharmaceutical products. For two years, Pfizer’s mRNA jab had the highest annual sales of any drug ever. And vaccines merit even more scrutiny than other medicines because they are offered to healthy adults and children as preventatives.

Vaccine advocates don’t want to hear any of this. They want to pretend they are scientists, above politics, and hounded by conspiracy theorists. …

What happens next? I don’t know.

But I do know that my questions about the long-term safety and effectiveness of the mRNAs are real and reasonable and demand answers.

So much for the Enlightenment, transparency, and truth. It’s all going backwards.