Blak Sovereignty Sneaking In

Blak Sovereignty Sneaking In. By the Spectator Australia.

At a meeting with around 150 of his constituents in Broome earlier this year, WA Labor Senator Pat Dodson and other leading members of the indigenous community are said to have described the Voice as precisely that: a ‘hook’. This was in response to members of the indigenous community asking what was ‘in it for them’.

‘The Voice is the hook. We have to get the Voice passed first,’ was the response, ‘in order to implement all the other agenda from the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Sovereignty, treaty, truth-telling and recompense, first, and then reparations. At which point the money will start to flow to every one of you.’ Or words to that effect.

The ABC, it should be noted, attended that Broome event but failed to report those assurances.

Advocates for the Voice have relied on deception and obfuscation to promote its supposed benefits, dealing in soothing words, emotion and unprovable promises. But the hardcore advocates for a realignment of the power structures within this nation have no time for such niceties.

To her credit, Senator Lidia Thorpe is honest when explaining her political agenda. She sees the entire legal and constitutional structure of Australia as illegitimate and wishes for it to be replaced with something called Blak sovereignty.

Other architects and proponents of the Voice have talked about it being used to ‘punish’ politicians who don’t toe the activist line, and to introduce the mechanism by which all of us will soon have to ‘pay the rent’ — some form of a new land or income tax based on race.

Already, legislation being enacted under state Labor governments — who assume that the Voice will soon be a reality — points to a radically different Australia in the not-too-distant future. One where you can’t dig up your backyard without consulting the local indigenous bureaucrats; where a new layer of permits is required for any number of agricultural and commercial activities; where access to parts of the country is reserved for certain racial groups; and where property, land and water rights are all up for legal reinterpretation.

Just say No.

Taking advantage of the left’s current fixation with racism and anti-whiteness.