Tucker Calls Out ‘Media Hysteria Typhoon’ Over RFK Jr.

Tucker Calls Out ‘Media Hysteria Typhoon’ Over RFK Jr.. By Tyler Durden.

In his latest episode, Tucker Carlson discussed the media’s absolute hatred for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was immediately attacked by the press upon his announcement that he would run against President Joe Biden in 2024.

“CBS News viewers likely were appalled in its coverage of Kennedy’s announcement. CBS denounced the candidate’s views as ‘misleading’ and ‘dangerous,'” noted Carlson, adding “The LA Times called him a threat to democracy.”

“At the offices of National Public Radio in Washington, a full-blown category-5 hysteria typhoon broke out. NPR devoted an entire segment to savaging Kennedy — not just as a candidate, but as a human being,” Carlson continued.

“NPR described him as someone who, for his own perverse reasons, has made “debunked and false and misleading claims that undermine trust in vaccines. And who, in his spare time, provides moral support to crazed extremists who “rally under the banner of what they call liberty, or freedom.”” …

Carlson then goes into a defense of Kennedy’s right to raise questions over vaccines, and the response one gets for doing so. …

Carlson then went after debate-dodging doctor, Peter Hotez — who he says will “never debate Bobby Kennedy Jr., but it doesn’t matter. Kennedy has already won.”


hat-tip Scott of the Pacific