The Great Covid Debate That Will Not Happen

The Great Covid Debate That Will Not Happen. By Bill Rice.

Dr. Peter Hotez — one of the best-known vaccine advocates and defenders of all the Covid mitigation measures — is obviously scared to death. …

What scares Dr. Hotez is an invitation for him (Hotez) to debate presidential candidate and contrarian Covid expert Robert Kennedy, Jr. on Joe Rogan’s ultra-popular podcast show.

Apparently, Hotez kept bad-mouthing “disinformation super-spreader” Kennedy and Rogan finally had enough.

Rogan offered to donate $100,000 to Hotez’s favorite charity if Hotez would just come on his show and, in a debate with no time limits, debate Kennedy on vaccine effectiveness, safety and all the other allegedly “settled” Covid science.

As I write this, the debate invitation has gone viral on Twitter with plenty of other wealthy people (like Steve Kirsch) pledging even more money to make the debate happen. At last look, Dr. Hotez could net $1.5 million for his favorite charity by simply talking to Kennedy and Rogan for two or so hours.

Needless to say, Kennedy is game for a “congenial” debate and, needless to say, he doesn’t need to be bribed to participate. He’ll do it for free and pay his own expenses to show up in the studio.

A pattern of hiding:

No expert in America has participated in a genuine debate on Covid topics in 40 months. Apparently, one new feature of our “New Normal” “scientific method” is that real debates are no longer necessary.

In fact, they are strongly discouraged, which is exactly why Facebook, Google, YouTube, the CDC, “Joe Biden’s” White House and the corporate press have been pushing for censorship on steroids for so long. For those who haven’t picked up on this yet, censorship also blocks real debates.

If they’re so right, they would win easily. So why are they hiding?

For almost four years, Hotez and every “expert” and authority of his ilk have been saying that people like Kennedy who are spreading “disinformation” and “misinformation” are potentially killing and harming massive numbers of people with their false Covid claims.

According to the experts, the claims made by Kennedy, Kirsch, Bill Rice, Jr. (and millions of other intelligent “science-deniers”) are ridiculous, preposterous, obviously false, easily discredited, etc.
Why the fear?

Such claims are interesting as they suggest that any debate with a Covid skeptic would be a lay-up or gimme to win. Even a cave man could humiliate RFK, Jr. in a debate about real science.

So, if victory would be so easy — and if one can make a couple million for his favorite charity — why not do this?

Speaking for myself, I’m tired of accepting the inferred predicate that I’m obtuse when I know I’m not. …

Why not rescue the world from dangerous disinformation?

The entire justification for North Korea-style censorship is that the disinformation spreaders are harming people. Presumably, Hotez’s noble goal is to save lives and shut up all the “disinformation” spreaders.

Well, what would shut them up more than a pay-per-view prize fight between one of the leading advocates of the Status-Quo narrative and the best known Covid skeptic in the world?

Once Dr. Hotez wipes the floor with Kennedy, every other misinformation super-spreader will crawl back into a cave and keep his mouth shut from here on out.

My side will be disgraced and humiliated … and every neutral person will now know this.  In one fell swoop, the “disinformation” movement will suffer a lethal blow. Millions of lives will be saved because, in the future, everyone will know that Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Anthony Fauci were exactly right with everything they said about Covid. …

Dr. Hotez would be THE hero to all the groups, companies, and bureaucracies who are having nightmares about Kennedy beating their chosen candidate, “Joe Biden.” … …

Because they are charlatans. Truth is not on their side, and they are ashamed.

We all know the answer: The Dr. Hotez’s of the world are scared to death of a real debate. If this isn’t a giant “tell” about these frauds and charlatans nothing is.

Also, every one of them are pro-censorship. …

What downside?

The only downside might be if, Hotez, in fact got annihilated in this debate and every American who witnessed the event started questioning all the claims the experts had made in the last four years (or decades for that matter).

But this scenario can’t be a possibility because the science is so “settled” and Kennedy is such a “wacko” and conspiracy theorist that he would have no chance of prevailing in any debate … right?

Of course, we all know Dr. Hotez knows he’d get his ass whipped in any debate with Kennedy. Fauci knows this, the New York Times knows this, Bill Gates knows this, every commentator at MSNBC and CNN knows this.

“Whatever you do, do NOT debate Robert Kennedy on Covid topics!” they are all now screaming at Dr. Hotez.

In about 2011, the University of Western Australia sent an envoy to ask Professor Andy Pitman, the head of Australia’s lead Climate Research Group at UNSW, if he and any climate researcher would debate Bill Kininmonth (ex head of the National Climate Centre) and me about global warming. No said Andy, he would not debate with “people who don’t believe in gravity”. So, no debate. The public stayed uninformed, the harm rolled on, and the right people got rich.

Why debate, if you own the media? Just call names.

hat-tip Stephen Neil