Starbucks just found out that it’s not ok to discriminate against whites

Starbucks just found out that it’s not ok to discriminate against whites. By Darren Beattie.

April 2018, in a Starbucks in Philadelphia’s “Rittenhouse Square” neighborhood:

The incident that occurred involved two black guys who went to Starbucks for a supposed business meeting, but the man they were meeting hadn’t shown up yet. While they were waiting, one of the guys asked if he could use the bathroom, but the Starbucks staff said no. Later, the black men were asked to leave, but they refused to go. Eventually, an employee called the police, and the events that followed caused a the left to meltdown and go all “George Floyd” on Starbucks.

As a result, the coffee giant took drastic measures by terminating numerous white employees….

But one of those fired fought back, and won against Starbucks:

The left finds this surprising. What, you’re not allowed to  discriminate against whites?

The New York Times was shocked that a jury found Starbucks guilty of “racism.”

“On Monday, in a surprising twist, a federal jury in New Jersey ordered Starbucks to pay $25.6 million to a former regional manager after determining that the company had fired her amid the fallout from the Rittenhouse Square episode because she was white.”

This is not ok? Really?

Following the incident in Philly back in 2018, Starbucks’ top management went on a firing spree, targeting white store managers in an attempt to pacify the radical left-wing mob that was demanding so-called “justice.”

According to Shannon Phillips, she was instructed to terminate a white store manager who had no involvement in the 2018 incident, while the black manager in charge of the actual store where the event took place was not held accountable. When she refused to carry out these racist orders, she too was fired.

Who are the ugly bigots here? I think we all know:

This latest lawsuit victory comes at a time when white people are starting to fight back against the systemic racism being perpetuated by left-wing supremacists.