Pfizer Trials Proved They Lied, and Knew the Vaccines Were Unsafe

Pfizer Trials Proved They Lied, and Knew the Vaccines Were Unsafe. By Darren Beattie.

Few topics have been as fiercely debated as the COVID vaccine. That one jab managed to divide the nation and eventually the entire world. On one side, there were those who took the vaccine without hesitation. Some reluctantly took it so they didn’t lose their job, and a massive group of individuals didn’t trust the jab and refused to take it. These brave people faced mockery, ridicule, and demonization from politicians, media, celebrities, and medical experts. However, their long-awaited day of vindication has finally arrive: …

  • Pfizer’s own trial results showed absolutely no reduction in COVID-related mortality.
  • Re-analysis by independent researchers of Pfizer & Moderna RCTs revealed more harm than good from the outset.

In short, the mRNA shots should never have been approved for use in any person. That’s exactly what vaccine critics like RFK Jr. said all along while the media dragged them through the mud and even tried turning their families against them. …

RFK Jr. appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast to discuss the latest Pfizer trial results:

~ 22,000 were injected with the Pfizer vaccine and 22,000 took the placebo (saline)…

~ Results showed the NNTV (Number needed to vaccinate to save one life) was 1 in 22,000…

~ The vaccinated group were 21% more likely to die over the next 6 months from all cause mortality

~ The vaccinated group was 400% more likely to suffer a cardiac arrest in the next 6 months.

The majority of anti-Covid vaxxers do not oppose vaccines themselves. Instead, their concerns lie with pharmaceutical companies purposely withholding information regarding the vaccines they are promoting and mandating.

Thanks to this new data, those initial reservations and suspicions have been fully vindicated, and the anti-Covid vaxxers owe a debt of gratitude to brave people like RFK Jr. who risked everything to speak the truth.


Not safe. Not effective. Not truthful.