In Africa, the Jihad is Bloodier and More Aggressive Than Ever

In Africa, the Jihad is Bloodier and More Aggressive Than Ever. By Robert Spencer.

The news out of Uganda Saturday was horrifying. The Associated Press reported that authorities in that country had “recovered the bodies of 41 people, including 38 students, who were burned, shot or hacked to death after suspected rebels attacked a secondary school near the border with Congo.”

The rebels were members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which despite its name is actually an Islamic group with ties to the Islamic State (ISIS) and aspirations of establishing a caliphate in Central and East Africa.

“The rebels asked for Muslims among the students, but there were none. The rebels said they do not kill fellow believers.” After that, “they slaughtered every student in their sight using pangas, axes and sharp objects.”

The fact that the rebels hoped to separate Muslims from the other students before beginning their massacre is noteworthy. The Qur’an forbids Muslims to kill fellow Muslims (4:92); regarding non-Muslims, however, it repeats the injunction to “kill them wherever you find them” (2:191, 4:89, cf. 9:5), although subjugating them under Islamic rule is also offered as an option (9:29). There have been many instances in which jihadis separated Muslims from a crowd before killing the non-Muslims. Even in the U.S., a jihad terrorist in Minnesota in 2016 asked mall shoppers if they were Muslim and then stabbed non-Muslims.

Similarly, in April 2022 in Nigeria, jihadis stormed a brothel, telling people to recite the Qur’an, and murdering ten people who could not do. …

It is noteworthy that so many of those incidents took place in Africa. If the jihadis succeed in attaining their goals, Christians and other non-Muslims all over the continent will be forced into a humiliating inferior status featuring all manner of institutionalized discrimination. The second-class status prescribed for non-Muslims under Islamic law makes Merrick Garland’s two-tier justice system look like Blind Justice personified.

Now we see the same phenomenon of Islamic supremacism and jihad violence in Uganda. Meanwhile, jihadis strike virtually every day in Nigeria, and are active in Somalia, Mozambique, and elsewhere in Africa as well. The governments of the various states in which the jihadis operate seem unable (or, in Nigeria’s case, unwilling) to stop them.

It could be that a distracted world could someday soon find to its horror that ISIS, a group that most people thought had been stamped out years ago, has established a new caliphate comprising much of Africa.

This would give a whole new piquancy to the mass migration of young African men into Europe, and have far-reaching geopolitical implications. But hey, let’s not forget the really important stuff about these jihadis: what are their pronouns?

Radical Islam isn’t going away. Our media just stopped talking about it, because there were fewer large attacks in the West. It’s not over, not after 1,400 years.