Decadent Elites Plunge America Into Political Crisis

Decadent Elites Plunge America Into Political Crisis. By Matthew Boose.

If the last seven years of constant anti-Trump intrigue have shown anything, it’s that America’s liberal so-called elites want to govern a certain way and will not tolerate being told otherwise.

Given Donald Trump’s recent arrest, they could not make themselves any clearer apart from possibly having the man killed. If he goes to prison, he very well may die there.

These kinds of dramatic outcomes to political battles are supposed to be precluded in a government of consent, which allows for a peaceful transfer of power (another phrase, like Our Democracy™, that has been bastardized in the mouths of the elites).

Uprisings, show trials, assassinations, and the like are not supposed to be necessary when the people can choose and remove their rulers.

Nothing to lose:

But the recalcitrance of the elites has pushed the country into a political crisis. Their refusal to be restrained by popular opinion has left a large swath of the population with nothing to lose.

Trump’s supporters are the regime’s helots, the “deplorables” consigned to sweat and toil for a government that openly hates them as they are gradually wiped out by an endless stream of more compliant foreign replacements. They have no reason not to support Trump because the alternative is to be governed like vassals.

When Biden hung the banner of “Pride” from the White House balcony, he was merely making formal the implicit. It was received like the taunt that it obviously was. These humiliations are now a normal part of daily life for the Christians and downwardly mobile middle-class whites who comprise the core of Trump’s base, and who are increasingly unable to recognize the country of their birth.

A regime that treats good people like criminals and criminals like “public servants” exposes its own iniquity. But try explaining that to Jill Biden, who expressed “shock” that Trump still has supporters despite being arrested by her husband’s government for something no worse than something her husband did (and, unlike Trump, he did it without the power to declassify documents). Don’t Republicans realize, she told a room of wealthy donors in Manhattan’s Upper East Side last week, what a serious matter this is?

The Left isn’t trying to persuade anyone of Trump’s turpitude. Their own hands are far too dirty for that. They just want to crush him and demoralize those who find hope in his spirited war with the deep state that has worked endlessly toward his destruction and the ruin of liberty in America.

But until they actually lock him away, Trump will continue to dominate the scene. …

To millions of Americans, nothing that Trump has done with any porn star or “classified” briefing measures up to the betrayal of having their country taken from them. Indeed, to earn the proscription of such “elites,” as we have, is its own honor.

There’s a revolution happening in the US. The upper-middle class bureaucratic globalist whatevers are taking over, and dispensing with democracy and justice.