Was Andrew Probyn let go from the ABC for being male and white?

Was Andrew Probyn let go from the ABC for being male and white? By Nick Cater.

We will probably never know if Andrew Probyn was made redundant for being male and white.

We can be certain, however, that the former ABC political editor faces an uphill task should he seek employment in any organisation that has boxes to tick.

Discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, gender or sexuality is officially sanctioned at the ABC, as it is in every organisation that falls for the poisonous doctrine of social equity….


Leading ABC political commentator Andrew Probyn. Always seemed typically ABC-left to us.


For those who nurture the quaint idea that candidates should be ranked according to their ability to do the job, the ABC’s policy makes for depressing reading. There is a 15 per cent employment target for members of the culturally and linguistically diverse community, or CALD.

There are targets for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees (3.6 per cent), the disabled (8 per cent) and women (50 per cent). …

When the excuse to discriminate runs out:

The ABC has already overshot the mark by employing 54.9 per cent women, but its Gendered Mentoring Program has been rolled over for another year and the organisation remains a member of Champions of Change Coalition, a global initiative for achieving gender equality.

But as David Moinina Sengeh explains in his recent book, Radical Inclusion, the quest for social justice doesn’t stop when you cross the 100 metre line. You have to keep expanding and find a new problem that keeps expanding the inclusion boundaries, he says in an interview with McKinsey Global Publishing. “We must have to keep working harder and harder every day.”

When university students were 40% women it was a scandal and evidence of evil discrimination, but now that they are 60% female its … good. Funny that. You think it’s going to be any different with race?

What started as a cult has become the established orthodoxy in the corporate world. The result is that biological attributes like ethnicity or sex which an individual cannot influence have become defining characteristics determining the eligibility for study or employment. The things a motivated person can change, like their complement of skills, social interaction ability or propensity for hard work, are relegated to second place in the list of selection criteria.

Lurking behind the equity movement is the dangerous delusion that its goal is to achieve equality of opportunity. Its effect is the reverse, since inclusivity grants privilege to some and excludes others. Any claim to be an equal opportunity employer is rendered null and void by the official policy of favouring some categories of people and denying preference to others. Discrimination is inevitable once rights are ascribed to groups rather than individuals. …

Meanwhile the ABC audience continues to decline. The reach of its TV audience both in the city and the country was more 60 per cent a decade ago. Now it’s in the low 40s.

The ABC is the mothership of PC in Australia, coordinating all the PC forces. So this sets a powerful example.

Discrimination is mostly there to hobble the better competitors. Which is why the midwits of the world love it. It’s why they invented woke!

hat-tip Stephen Neil