Voters see ‘cheating’ everywhere, 54% expect it in 2024 US election

Voters see ‘cheating’ everywhere, 54% expect it in 2024 US election. By Paul Bedard.

Claims of cheating in elections that once drew eye-rolling from most are now accepted by a majority of voters who believe it happened in recent elections and will occur again.

What’s more, sizable percentages of partisans believe state and federal officials have ignored reports of cheating and widespread election fraud, …

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey…, 56% said officials have been ignoring reports of cheating that has had an effect on results. That includes 44% of Democrats and 74% of Republicans.

The survey … also said 52% of likely voters believe cheating affected the 2022 midterm elections that delivered a much smaller victory to Republicans than polls predicted. Even 41% of Democrats agreed. …

Rasmussen said a majority, 54%, believe cheating will “affect the outcome” of the 2024 election.

In the survey, 30% said cheating is “very likely.” Some 46% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans expect 2024 election cheating, a poor sign that the nation will be satisfied with the outcome.

Rasmussen said, “Suspicions of election cheating are highest among voters under 40.”

John Hinderaker:

To the extent that liberals have tried to instill confidence in the integrity of our elections by banning discussion of that subject, they have failed. Actually, I suspect that pretty much everyone understands that talk of voter fraud is more or less verboten, and many probably infer that election fraud is a worse problem than it actually is.

Probably the instance where censorship was most successful was the boycott on information about Joe Biden’s corruption in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election. In that case, the boycott undoubtedly delayed widespread knowledge of the evidence of corruption that had emerged, but not for long. Current polls indicate that most Americans correctly believe that the Bidens have been taking money from foreign interests in influence-peddling schemes.