Anglophobia Down Under

Anglophobia Down Under. By Edward Dutton.

In the relentless Machiavellian Leftist attack on European culture, we hear much about Bad Whites in Canada, England, and the United States. Yet we hear little about whites in the other large English-speaking nation, Australia. Tucked away “Down Under,” with just 26 million inhabitants, the continent maintained a “White Australia” immigration policy until 1973 that kept the country overwhelmingly white.

Even today, it is 90 percent white, and 81 percent ethnically British, about the same as the Mother Country whose convicts settled it. But as Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred reveals in great detail, Anglo-Australia is under sustained racial and cultural attack. Leftists, particularly organized Jewish leftists, have mounted a propaganda campaign that says Anglo-Australians are racists who should be ashamed of their history. …

[It is by] Australian political psychologist Frank Salter, best known for his book On Genetic Interests, and best-selling author Harry Richardson, dissect in their new book.

It has a stark message. In the topsy-turvy world in which being weak and “marginalized” is lauded, being English or British — being white — the group that created the modern industrial world and its prosperity, is nothing short of a crime.

For the white man’s success cannot reflect genetics, which is unthinkable, or hard work, which is even more unthinkable, but instead reflects an inherent evil, a great sin.

The authors: “To prevent a man from claiming merit as an explanation for his success is to imply that he has been lucky or has cheated. Similarly, it is implicitly Anglophobic to impose a blanket denial that Anglos have done well partly due to merit.”

All Anglo-Australians share in the sins of their ancestors, even though [African] blacks, who descended ultimately from black slavers, do not share in the sins of their ancestors. Thus, hating, discriminating against, sexually assaulting, and even killing Anglo-Australians is acceptable simply because being an Anglo is such a deadly sin.

Being born white, the authors explains, means being born “privileged” and somehow having won the lottery of life. And yet: … “There are words you mustn’t say, people you mustn’t criticise and policies you have to go along with, even if you don’t really agree with them. Occasionally, these “things” can have more tangible effects. These can range from needing a higher score for university entrance to being passed over for a job or a promotion.”

And as in England with its grooming gangs, Muslim gangs have raped Australian women precisely because they are Australian, and the Anglo authorities turned a blind eye, looking upon the victims with contempt. The authors aver that other ethnic groups are experts at victim-signalling and exploit white guilt to attain the whip hand over Anglos, who can’t compete when it comes to feigned weakness:

White, and particularly Anglo, culture strongly discourages victimhood. Instead, it encourages self-determination and stoicism, encapsulated in the historic British concept of the ”stiff upper lip.” Unfortunately, in the face of organised and well-funded minority victimhood strategies, Anglo stoicism has been a losing response.”

Defining key terms such as “race” and “ethnocentrism,” the authors document the rising tide of Anglophobia in Australia, especially since the 1970s and, in particular, through “Vilification,” “Hostile Discrimination” and “Violence.” Beginning with “Vilification,” we have Susan Sontag: “There must be something terribly wrong with western white civilization. … The white race is the cancer of human history.”

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Australian academics told Anglo-Australians they were racists, that they were responsible for the sins of their people and, of course, for the great sin of colonialism. Australian politicians flagellated Anglos while denying them the right to a sense of self. …

Australian schools that fly the Aboriginal flag teach white kids to hate themselves and that they “stole” Australia from the aborigines. …

Suppressing the political competitors:

In essence, they seem to find that Anglophobia is a used by English elites to control their own population, but I would also see it in evolutionary terms.

The power-hungry can overcome competitors by making them feel guilty, humiliated, and collectively worthless, which will break their spirit.

But Anglos can fight back by not permitting the Woke Machiavellians to break them and instead directly attacking Anglophobia and the subversive process that created it. Leftist “Anglos” who promote Anglophobia are traitors who collaborate with guilt-inducing foreign groups to get personal power, as studies show, while psychologically breaking most of their own people.

They insist it isn’t “racism” when they attack us because of our race, but we know better.