Rage Against the Pride Machine: We Don’t Hate You, We Are Just Tired of Having Rainbows Thrust Down Our Heretofore Tolerant Gullets

Rage Against the Pride Machine: We Don’t Hate You, We Are Just Tired of Having Rainbows Thrust Down Our Heretofore Tolerant Gullets. By Robert Downey Jr.

For those of you patriots who aren’t familiar with me, I am a former New York City liberal. I say this for two reasons: 1) it gives me an insight many don’t have, which I will soon discuss; and, 2) I deserve to be mocked incessantly for my folly. Please fire away in the comments, it keeps me humble.

Though I now lean right, I still DO NOT CARE how others live their lives. If a man wants to wear a dress, have at it. Gay marriage? I don’t care.

My point is, I am as LGBT-friendly a person as you will find.

That said, can we stop gavaging “gay” down everyone’s throat?

[gavage: Feeding that consists of the delivery of a nutrient solution (as through a nasal tube) to someone who cannot or will not eat.]

We do not care what you LGBT types do when the lights are off, and that was the goal, right?


The gay movement went from “Stay out of our bedrooms,” which I found a reasonable request, to “If you straight guys won’t boink a trans dudette, you’re a bigot” to “Let us chop off your 15-year-old son’s penis or you’ll be arrested, you domestic terrorist.”

Then you screech at us for “hating” you if we don’t deliver our kids to the “Zygote-friendly Drag Night” where they can watch attention-starved yet talent-free men in dresses shake their waxed asses and then beg for dollar bills.



Here is an inconvenient truth, especially for the militant trans kids who desperately strive for attention and, more important, that beloved feeling of victimhood: no one cares what you wear or how you “identify.” No one cares enough to “hate” you. Frankly, you and your antics have become so boring you could put a can of Redbull to sleep.

And now it gets worse. Ready? I know a ton of gay people who are sick of your desperate drive for attention.



Conservatives had come a long way in regard to gay rights. You had us right where you originally wanted us: tolerant and accepting. Ignoring you. Living and letting live.

But you made two mistakes calculated moves that changed everything:

1. You bombarded us with “all gay all day” …

2. You then went from “This dude in a dress can’t safely relieve himself anywhere but the women’s room” to recruiting confused kids into your mental illness and ginsuing their genitals into papier-mâché. That is where you really lost us.

Leave our children alone:

Teachers seem to be the most die-hard recruiters for the “Pride” movement. They are also one of the groups that “just so happen” to molest kids at record numbers. …



As a former teen-aged, punk-rockish, blue-haired, cranky, eyeliner-wearing crosspatch myself, I know how you operate. I also know how you recruit. You do it the same way the skinheads do it, as well as cults and midwestern-Detroit punk-rock types in the 1980s. You look for sad loners, weak people, damaged souls, and bitter failures to pull into your cult. You also target kids from bad or broken homes.

In short, you’re a bunch of predators. …

You’re being used:

Spoiler alert: I don’t know how you can’t see this, but the LGBT crowd — like black people — are just pawns for the Marxists. My history books tell me the Dems are using you to divide us and to act as their personal brown pink shirts when they need a little street violence. They will throw you away like a used tissue after you’ve served your purpose. You will miss the days when we left you alone to “live your truth.”