RFK Jr. Says He Must “Be Careful” The CIA Doesn’t Assassinate Him

RFK Jr. Says He Must “Be Careful” The CIA Doesn’t Assassinate Him. By Steve Watson.

During a discussion with Joe Rogan, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy junior admitted that he is putting his life in danger by speaking out about the assassinations of his uncle and his father, and that he “takes precautions” to ensure the CIA doesn’t kill him. …

Kennedy spoke about his Uncle JFK being “at war” with the military industrial complex, and asserted that the intelligence agencies were “trying to trick him” into launching military excursions into Cuba and Vietnam.

RFK Jr. again spoke about JFK eventually concluding that he must “shatter” the CIA “into a thousands pieces” and “scatter it to the winds.”

“[JFK] learned very early on that the purpose of the CIA and the intelligence apparatus was to create a constant pipeline of new wars for them, for the military industrial complex,” Kennedy noted, adding that JFK was adamant that “it’s not the United States’ jobs to dictate what kind of governments other countries have.”

RFK Jr. continued, “in October of 1963 he heard that some of his Green Berets had been killed… and he said I want a total casualty list from Vietnam. His aide came to him and said 75 Americans have died, he said that’s too many and he signed that day a national security directive ordering all troops out of Vietnam… the first thousand over the next month and then the rest by the beginning of 1965, and um and then a month later he was killed.”

The thesis is that the US national security organs took over the US around 1950 or so, and have been running it more or less secretly ever since. They are the deep state, the core of the administrative state.

Two Presidents have threatened their rule. JFK cottoned on to what they were doing and went to war with them (see above), but in retrospect assassination raised too many awkward questions. So when Trump complained loudly on behalf of the majority of citizens who didn’t like their policies, they merely rendered him impotent with lies, the media, and lawfare.