Caught covid again

Caught covid again. By David Evans.

I had what seemed like a standard cold this week. Two days of a slightly raised temperature, muscle aches and general discomfort, a mildly runny nose, some loss of appetite, and a bit of a cough at the end. Didn’t exercise as hard as usual, but didn’t slow down apart from two naps. Did a covid test and it returned negative. But just now someone else in the household has come down with the “cold,” and returned a positive home covid test. So I redid a covid test, a day and a half after the slight fever lifted, and it returned a very weak positive.

My second case of covid was milder than my first, a year ago, which sent me to bed for two days before disappearing.

So, I had omicron and could barely distinguish it from a common cold. Presumably covid is now endemic, and we’ll all catch it multiple times.

Guess I’d better not go to that bbq tomorrow — might still be infectious.