Democrat Party Panics Over RFK Jr. Primary Challenge

Democrat Party Panics Over RFK Jr. Primary Challenge. By Ben Bartee.

The Democrat Party has yet to find a solution to its RFK Jr. problem.

The party’s initial impulse, as it always is with any uncomfortable figure outside of the establishment, was to ignore him. But he’s doing too well in polling and finding too much of an outlet in grassroots conservative media to effectively sideline through silence alone.

So they moved on to predictable smears about him being an “anti-vaxxer,” conspiracy theorist, “fringe” candidate, “vanity” candidate, etc. Failing that, drawing from the “bigot” well, they smeared him as an “antisemite” on the dubious grounds of comparing the brutal U.S. lockdown to the Nazi persecution of the Jews. Maybe undue comparisons to fascist genocides are overwrought and in poor taste, but comparing authoritarian policies to the Third Reich is commonplace in political rhetoric and certainly not antisemitic.

Now, as I covered yesterday, the corporate state media is trying out a new line of attack: targeting his popular Hollywood-favored actress wife to divide his marriage and potentially recruit her to the opposition.

They’ve really been pulling out the big guns quite early in the primary season relative to how they’ve approached other challengers to the neoliberal cult. They waited, for instance, to open up on Bernie Sanders until immediately before the primary season. They didn’t even coalesce around Biden and force all of the other mainstream candidates like Buttigieg, Klobuchar, et al., out to defeat Bernie until after primary voting had begun.

RFK Jr. has the establishment rocked in a way that I’ve never seen on the Democrat side of the aisle and not on the Republican side since Trump.

Like Bernie Sanders, RFK is not part of the uniparty establishment.

Personally, I’d like to see the Democrats revolt and for JFK to win the Democrat primaries, but the weight of institutional and media power is dead against him.

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Democrats want power. Republicans want money. This creates the two wings of the Uniparty apparatus.

  • Donors to democrats do so in order to support an ideological agenda based around social control; you are a prole.
  • Donors to republicans do so in order to support financial control; you are a serf.

This is the main distinction between the two corporations that align with mutually beneficial non-compete clauses.