California assists shoplifters and punishes parents for misgendering their children

California assists shoplifters and punishes parents for misgendering their children. By Tyler Durden.

The state Senate passed a controversial bill on May 31 that would make it illegal for store employees to confront thieves.

SB 553, authored by Democrat Senator David Cortese (San Jose), requires employers to maintain violent incident logs, provide active shooter and shoplifter training, and to discard policies requiring workers to confront suspected active shoplifters, the Epoch Times reports.

According to Cortese, the bill is intended to “help employers keep employees safe at work.” …

California Realtors Association (CRA) president and CEO Rachel Michelin told Fox2/KTVU that the bill “goes way too far.”

“I think it will open the doors even wider for people to come in and steal from our stores,” she said. …

In recent years, shoplifting has become a serious problem, with retailers such as Target anticipating a $1.3 billion hit due to “theft and organized crime.”

In Downtown San Francisco, Target employees told the San Francisco Standard that they’re experiencing at least 10 thefts a day.

Why work?


A proposed amendment to a California bill would brand parents who refuse to affirm their own child’s gender as ‘abusive,’ and could result in loss of custody. …

If passed, the law could result in children being removed from their parents’ home if family members are deemed ‘anti-LGBTQ+.’ …

Under the code, courts would be given complete authority to remove children from their homes if their parents refuse to affirm their gender. It would also require schools, churches and other organizations to follow suit or face repercussions for ‘impacting the health, safety and welfare of [a] child.’

The rest of the world usually copies California eventually, but in these two cases I don’t think they will. California has gone too far.