The Bureaucracy Set Up Trump on the Classified Documents

The Bureaucracy Set Up Trump on the Classified Documents. By Sundance. All sad news from the US today.

As Bill Barr said emphatically earlier today, “The documents do not belong to Trump,” continuing with “The documents belong to the government who created them, not the man for whom they were created.” So sayeth the defender of the omnipotent Dept of Justice. …

If the documents did not belong to President Donald J. Trump, then why did the government dump them in the parking lot of the White House and tell him to deal with them? ….



If the documents belonged to the government, and not to the man for whom they were created, then why did that same government give them to him and force him to take them to a location of his choosing?

Bureaucracy worship:

The institutions are presented, by the sellers of the Lawfare narrative, as higher than the authority of the President of the United States. This is how ridiculous our government has become. …

The argument(s) against Donald Trump are akin to a business saying that all work product created during the tenure of employment belongs to the enterprise of the business and not to the employee. If you want to hold that line of thought, fine. However, you then need to reconcile that the business enterprise intentionally gave all the work product to the employee, dumped it in their lap, told them to take it and leave, and then comes back at a later date and says — we now need to review the stuff we forced you to take because some of it might not actually belong to you.

Does this happen anywhere else? Of course not.

The bureaucracy set Trump up — here, take these things you shouldn’t have, so we can throw you in jail later for possessing them:

The fact that the National Archives and Record Administration refused to take custody of the documents upon the end of the White House tenure, combined with the fact the NARA dumped those documents in the parking lot of the White House for Trump to deal with, is a direct statement the bureaucracy was telling President Trump these are your records. His records – not their records on loan to him.

The Presidential Records Act is the overriding legislative guidance for the flow of work product post term in office. These are essentially document arguments. The fact that NARA together with the Biden administration would weaponize the disposition of documents, they intentionally forced Trump to take ownership of, speaks to an intent within the bureaucracy that is transparently obvious.

Trump of course cannot get a fair hearing in any court he will be tried in. Except the court of public opinion.

(Can he pardon himself from a jail cell if re-elected President? Technically yes, but the bureaucracy won’t tell you what he says, so he will stay in his cell.)