Births in NSW plummeting — Is it the Covid Vaccines?

Births in NSW plummeting — Is it the Covid Vaccines? By ManDownUnder.

The NSW Government’s Bureau of Health Information releases quarterly reports on a range of issues. The relevant issue and data here is the number of Babies Born in NSW Public Hospitals. …

To find when Conceptions leading to Births in NSW Public Hospitals occurred, we simply drag the data back three quarters (nine months):


Births per quarter, back 9 months


Notice the unusual fall in conceptions starting in Q2 2021, which is when mass vaccination started in NSW.

How significant is this fall? In statistical terms, it’s very unusual indeed. The standard deviations of births per quarter is about 340, yet we have a fall of about two thousand, or about six standard deviations. This is at the level of likelihood of occurring every million years if the decrease was just normal random fluctuation. So, something changed.

The drop  coincides with the covid vaccinations:

The vaccine rollout began in Q2, 2021. …

By the end of Q3, 2021, however, we have 60-70% with Dose 1 and 30-40% with Dose 2. The vaccine is off and running in the child-bearing cohort.

Q4 vaccine uptake is 90% Dose 1 and 80%+ Dose 2.


Let’s just deal with their excuses (read: cover up) before they roll them out:

  • Tough Economic Times led to a decrease in births!
  • People switched from Public Hospital Births to Private Hospital Births!

Ignore the fact that those two things contradict each other!

The births data prior to 2020is stable with respect to economic up and downs, and in any case there was no economic contraction, interest rate rises (started April 2022), or other economic hiccups in 2021. So scratch that excuse.

As for the public-private excuse:

The % of NSW Births in Public Hospitals has actually been increasing over the timeline. …

I heard Naomi Wolf speak on Saturday’s event, and she made a persuasive case that the covid vaccines are detrimental in many, many ways to human reproduction. Leaving aside the question of motives, she has said:

About 16% of the total reported adverse events [US, from the covid vaccines]  concerned reproductive health, she noted. …

She highlighted that the Pfizer documents contain 22 different medical terms that each amount to a particular type of disruption of women’s menstrual cycles. …

In the wake of this campaign, Wolf reported that there has been a 13-20% drop in live births in Western Europe, America, Australia, and Singapore. …

Wolf described the impact of the mRNA “vaccine” campaign as an “absolute baby die-off.”


Can’t believe how cavalier media are about severe dysregulation of menstrual cycles after vaccination. Trying to get pregnant, you only have 12 cycles a year; women report 5 week periods, periods that restart right after periods… those trying to conceive can’t spare this chaos.

The globalists have made it clear that this sort of talk is forbidden. From 9 May 2023 in the Guardian, by Jim Waterson.

GB News breached the broadcasting code when it allowed Naomi Wolf to repeatedly compare Covid-19 vaccinations to mass murder without being challenged.

The US author made an appearance last October on GB News’ Mark Steyn show and claimed that the vaccine rollout amounted to a premeditated crime, saying it was comparable with the actions of “doctors in pre-Nazi Germany”.

On Tuesday the media regulator, Ofcom, said it was particularly concerned by Wolf’s “significant and alarming claim” that mass murder was taking place through vaccinations, which she repeated three times without significant inclusion of challenge or context. …

It comes two months after the watchdog ruled an episode of the Mark Steyn show which aired last April broke its broadcasting rules and was “potentially harmful and materially misleading” with an “incorrect claim” that UK Health Security Agency data provided evidence of a “definitive causal link” between a third Covid-19 vaccine and higher rates of infection, death and people being admitted to hospital. …

Ofcom said it received 422 complaints that alleged Wolf’s comments were “dangerous” and included misinformation that went unopposed.

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