Biden Regime Indicts the Leader of the Opposition

Biden Regime Indicts the Leader of the Opposition. By Robert Spencer.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the principal opponent of the Biden regime, and the individual who at this point is most likely to be elected president in 2024.

He has also been indicted on federal criminal charges related to the mishandling of classified documents, and is scheduled to be arrested on Tuesday.

Banana Republic -> Stalinist Regime:

Not too long ago, when Trump was arrested by the Manhattan DA on bogus felony charges, critics of the Biden regime began to say that America had become a banana republic. We’re racing past that stage now.

America is heading toward becoming a new Stalinist regime in which critics of those in power are arrested by the regime itself, tried on false and fabricated charges, and executed. The Left may not plan to murder Trump, but they’re certainly trying to execute him politically.

As in all the other cases against Trump, this one couldn’t be flimsier. The New York Times says that Trump is accused of “mishandling classified documents he kept upon leaving office and then obstructing the government’s efforts to reclaim them.” …

Selective enforcement on steroids:

The Espionage Act has been brought into play, giving the appearance, without any evidence whatsoever, that Trump collected classified documents and passed them on to a foreign power. … Journalist Greg Price notes that “indicting Donald Trump under the Espionage Act for Mar-a-Lago documents would be a fully insane abuse of power that it’s hard to wrap your head around: First of all, the Espionage Act is an unconstitutional relic of World War I that was passed in order to criminalize dissent against the war. Second, it was signed into law decades before President Truman created the modern system of classification/declassification and so makes no reference to whether a document has been deemed classified. Instead, it makes it a crime to retain documents related to the national defense that could be used to harm the United States, which in the case of Donald Trump is whatever the DOJ and Jack Smith want it to be.”

What’s more, as Daniel Greenfield pointed out, Trump is being charged over what has been common practice for decades. NBC News reported that “every administration since President Ronald Reagan’s has mismanaged classified documents, according to National Archives and Records Administration officials.” And not just presidents: “Sen. Edmund Muskie, D-Maine — who left Congress in 1980 and was secretary of state in the last year of President Jimmy Carter’s administration — included 98 classified documents when his papers were given to Bates College.” And of course Old Joe Biden had classified documents strewn all over his garage, where his influence-peddling crackhead son and any of his Russian hookers had free and easy access to them.


But now Merrick Garland and his henchmen think they’ve found something they can use to destroy the principal foe of the regime, and so fairness, decency, common sense and impartial justice are out the window. Biden’s handlers are treating Trump the way Stalin treated the Old Bolsheviks whom he saw as rivals: he had them falsely accused, imprisoned, and executed. …

Now that the Justice Department has become a weapon of political vengeance, it could turn one day against the very people who are using it so ruthlessly today against Donald Trump. But right now, firmly ensconced in power, they can’t even envision a day when someone might displace them. This gang of criminals aims to be in power forever.

The Democrats wouldn’t treat Trump like this if they thought there was any chance that the people Trump represents would ever regain power. The idea that power swaps peacefully back and forth between two teams, as decided in a fair and informed way by the voters, is obviously not operational anymore in the US.

The US ruling class is far from a majority, and polls clearly show they  don’t enjoy majority support on most issues. However, they have found myriad ways to rule the country nonetheless. Grabbing control of all the opinion-forming institutions was enough to maintain control for a decade or two, but 2016 upended that. Now they are resorting to ever-more direct and naked methods.

The message is clear: Unless you are aligned with the left, any effort to push back peacefully against government overreach will be destroyed.