Women Soldiers: Israel’s Experience

Women Soldiers: Israel’s Experience. By Baruch Kogan.

The IDF is, among other things, an organization where the less religious daughters of Israel are encouraged to damage their bodies and souls irreparably.

Ezer Weizman mentions in his memoirs that he and his fellow IDF officers used female soldiers as a harem, which continues.

As anyone who’s served in a mixed gender environment can attest, promiscuity becomes the norm and those who don’t partake are made to feel deficient.

Sometimes it goes beyond that; recently it emerged that Israeli Prison Service intelligence officers were using the female IDF soldiers assigned to their prisons as whores for Arab terrorist prisoners to incentivize them to cooperate.

The spiritual and mental damage a young woman incurs by engaging in promiscuity lasts her whole life and hurts her, her husband and children.

Aside from that, for propaganda and social engineering purposes the IDF lies that women can be combat soldiers. They can not, mentally and physically. Even the watered down combat training provided by the IDF results in crippling lifelong foot, leg, knee, back damage.

The reproductive systems of these girls is sometimes also damaged, with effects like uterine prolapse.

In short, the IDF wrecks Jewish girls for propaganda purposes and then shows them off to the goyim, like softcore pornographers. …

It devalues the service of actual combat soldiers, destroys unit cohesion, ensures that senior officers are subject to career destruction through allegations of sexual impropriety made decades after the fact.

Ukraine and Russia are fighting a real war against a peer. Don’t see any female soldiers. Don’t see the West threatening to boycott Ukraine for not allowing women and trans equal access to army positions.