Today’s “leftism” is driven from above by billionaires and oilgarchs

Today’s “leftism” is driven from above by billionaires and oilgarchs. By Toby Rodgers.

The political left died in stages and then all at once:

• It died when communist workers’ parties went nationalist at the start of World War I and thus killed each other rather than saying no to bankers’ wars.

• It died during the Moscow Show Trials from 1936 to 1938 that showed the grotesque extremes of Stalin’s Russia. …

• The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the people in the Soviet satellite countries overthrew their rulers soon thereafter, and the Soviet Union itself dissolved in 1991.

• Formerly left political parties across the developed world pivoted away from their founding principles. The Labor Party in Australia implemented neoliberalism in 1983. In 1992, Bill Clinton made neoliberalism the central ideology of the Democratic Party in the US Tony Blair then copied this strategy in the UK from 1997 through 2007.

• By the early 2000s, the actually existing political left was mostly an artifact in history textbooks, not a viable political movement anywhere in the world….

Yet the “left” is currently dominant:

It is more than a little curious then that the left agenda is back, given that the actually existing political left contains almost no members. Everywhere one looks the left agenda is ascendant:

  • Climate change
  • Corporations being brought into alignment with leftist values via the Corporate Equality Index (CEI), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) scores
  • 15 minute cities
  • Green energy
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Pride clothes, parades, marches, month, politicians…

Everywhere one looks, it’s all leftism all the time — again with little actual popular political support to drive these changes.

So what is going on?

Almost all of the supposed “leftism” that one sees today is being driven from above by capital. The people driving this agenda are:

  • The big investment managers (BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street)
  • The World Economic Forum
  • The CIA
  • Big Philanthropy (the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros, Laurene Powell Jobs, the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, etc.).

The billionaires, the oligarchs, the holders of capital, the richest people in the world, are driving the “left” agenda. They write about it in their annual letters to shareholders and they talk about it nonstop in public speeches — this is their vision for how they want to remake the world.

The ruling class uses a whole host of bougiecrats to implement the plan including:

  • the management consultants (McKinsey, PWC, Booz Allen)
  • the PR Firms (Edelman, Weber Shandwick, Hill+Knowlton, Ogilvy)
  • the thoroughly corporate Democratic Party.

No actual leftists are involved in this process at all.

At first this makes no sense. The political left and the billionaires should be mortal enemies. But somehow the billionaires are playing dress-up, pretend, cosplay leftism while the actual left base does not exist.

Why? To take over the world and get richer, of course:

If one wants to take over the world, it helps to have a movement or at least the appearance of a movement.

The political right is bad at movement politics. For conservatives, the fundamental unit of society is the individual, not the collective. Social movements make conservatives cringe. So if one wants to take over the world, one needs to embrace the aesthetics and rhetoric of the left (while excluding any actual leftists who might get in the way). The appearance of a movement gives legitimacy to this ruling class project for world domination.

The trillion dollar grifts of the ruling class require massive government spending.

So again, one cannot run that through the political right; they are too busy trying to shrink government (they often fail at that, but that’s their stated goal). The trillion dollar vaccine grift, the trillion dollar health insurance grift, and endless multi-trillion dollar wars all around the world require a political party that believes in Big Government. So the ruling class has to run these grifts through the Democratic Party. …

There there, sweetie:

It’s a lot easier to oppress and enslave people if they do not realize that they are being oppressed and enslaved.

  • ‘No sweetie, you’re not being poisoned, made a debt slave, and drained of all income and wealth — you are being saved from deadly diseases through Safe & Effective Vaccines™️!’
  • ‘No sweetie, you’re not being chained to Central Bank Digital Currency, imprisoned in 15-minute cities, and forced to eat synthetic food — you’re saving the planet and yourself from Catastrophic Climate Change™️!’
  • ‘No sweetie, you’re not being sterilized and castrated in order to reduce the population and enrich the ruling class — you’re being empowered to be your True Authentic Self™️!’

So the left political project now is just kitsch, a toxic mimic of its former self, deployed by the ruling class to enslave and depopulate the world. …

I think the left identifies with the ruling class at this point …

What we need to do:

There is no reason the rest of us have to go along with this sick and twisted charade. We must speak simple truths out loud every day:

  • There is no political left.
  • The current scheme (of endless pandemics, vaccines, lucrative treatments for vaccine harms, CBDC, fake food, 15-minute cities, 5G, internet of bodies, 24/7/365 surveillance, social credit scores, digital vaccine passports, etc.) is being run from above by the ruling class.
  • The ruling class seeks to enslave and depopulate the world.
  • They must be stopped by any means necessary.
  • When we expose the architects of the iatrogenocide, our life expectancy and standard of living will soar.
  • Free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, free markets, and free people produce the best outcomes for people on this planet. Let’s return to that.

It’s ironic that the left used to claim that other people had “false consciousness.”