US Women vs. Wrexham: Soccer highlights

US Women vs. Wrexham: Soccer highlights. Wrexham is a UK 4th-divsion soccer club, ranked about 93rd in England and Wales. They recently fielded a friendly team with some retired players (up to 60 years old) to play the US women’s team in North Carolina in a 7-aside competition.

12-0 in 40 minutes.

Some feminists lectured us for years that women are the equal of men physically, and it’s only unfair cultural conditioning that holds women back. Biological differences, they say, have nothing to do with it. Trans women and match-ups like the above have destroyed that pseudo-reality.

Lisa Uncensored:

It’s not an uncomfortable truth men and women are simply different and that’s great. And they shouldn’t compete in each others sports. If you ever had a dingaling you are not a woman.

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Just Won Equal Pay—Cue the Misogynist Backlash. By Susan Shaw, July 2022.

Last month, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team (USWNT) announced a deal that guarantees women and men who play for the national teams will receive the same compensation opportunities. The USWNT has been agitating for equal pay for the last six years, as have fans. (During the 2019 World Cup, after the women’s team’s won fourth World Cup victory, the stadium erupted with chants for “equal pay! Equal pay!”) …

This sense that the women were stealing men’s hard-earned income was also a common refrain. A number of people argued that the men were now “subsidizing” the women. Once commenter called the agreement “economic welfare in sports.” Another called it a “gender tax” and another “extortion.”

Sports people are essentially entertainers. They are “worth” (financially) whatever their matches earn in income.

In tennis, women and men are about equal entertaining, and the men and women get roughly equal pay.

In soccer, not so many people want to watch the women. Most men see them as about as skilled as 14-year-old boys — not very impressive or admirable. Soccer also has a tribal element, especially outside the US, representing their town or region in mock battle.

hat-tip Stephen Neil