The 1980s Satanic Panic and Transgenderism Today

The 1980s Satanic Panic and Transgenderism Today. By John Conlin.

In the 1980s what now seems like collective insanity hit this country — false reports of satanic sexual abuse of children in daycare. Some called it the Satanic panic. It took almost 20 years for this insanity to be washed out of our collective system.

And it was insane. The following are just some of the claims made during this period: Children were said to have been forced to drink blood, blood-laced Kool-aid, and urine. They also reportedly ate feces and were forced to let animals eat pet food from their vaginas. There were claims they watched people being dismembered with chainsaws. Moreover, rumors of cannibalization and animal mutilation and sacrifice, with body parts used in offerings for Satan were prominent. And of course, there were plenty of stories of watching pornography and sexual abuse of these children.

Daycare abuse cases at that time boasted an 85 percent conviction rate, even as the tales of abuse grew increasingly wild. Any rational person must confess this was a society gone insane.


The transgender mania that confronts us today is no different. One day society will look back at these times and wonder how such insanity could take root and explode across the country. Chemically mutilating children. Surgically mutilating children. Castrating young boys. Cutting the breasts off young girls. Stripping body parts of skin and muscle to “build” fake penises and vaginas. All because they “believe” they were born in the wrong body.

These individuals — the vast majority of whom have never had a single sexual experience — are being mutilated on an altar not that different from the one that dominated the Satanic Panic of years back. …

The Satanic panic created the “Believe the Children” movement. No matter how insane and improbable the claims — and read that list from above, it was insane — their stories must be believed. This is fully mimicked in the supposed explosion of transgender children. Help them mutilate themselves — with abundant coaching from the industry — or they will commit suicide and the blood will be on your hands. …

Social pressure to confirm the ideology:

The similarities are abundant. There was a great deal of social pressure on children — and adults — to validate and confirm these tales, regardless of how outlandish they were. And once committed, there was even more social pressure to continue the charade. Turning around and saying I made it all up was not an easy thing to do. And thus, most didn’t. They continued the charade to the detriment of themselves and many of those around them.

There quickly sprouted an entire industry of therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, entire government agencies, prosecutors, public schools, doctors and hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, parents, and crazed advocates who pushed this insanity.

Follow the money:

Most of these with a significant personal interest — both professional and financial — in seeing the insanity continue unabated.

Theirs was not an attempt to discover the truth and to identify and help whatever victims there may be but rather to encourage and spread the poison. Their goal was an ever-increasing pile of victims who would only reinforce their burgeoning industry.

On the transgender front, these kids are forever cash cows as they will be taking expensive drugs — and probably using mental health services — for the rest of their lives. …

The media was fully into spreading both stories. Oprah, Geraldo Rivera, “20/20” and many others did hour-long specials on the terrible, frightening abuses going on around the country — it seemed in dang near every day care out there. …

The unreal demands of the cult led to industrial-scale fabrication:

The Repressed Memory Therapy Movement drove a lot of the Satanic panic. The therapists, in effect, would convince the children these insane things had been done to them—even though prior to the “therapy” they had had no memory of these activities.

The transgender movement is the same. Here the therapists convince temporarily confused kids — and what adolescent isn’t at least a little confused — that they were born in the wrong body but they can change that and become a totally new, wonderful, and special person just by taking massive amounts of hormones and going under the knife.

May God have mercy on those in the medical profession who have willingly abandoned the first tenet of medicine — first do no harm — because I won’t. These people should be put in prison and one day they will cry for forgiveness for the harm they did. …

[A 1980s] child noted, “I lied. It was an ordeal. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’m not going to get out of here unless I tell them what they want to hear.’”

Not unsurprisingly, all claims were unfounded and eventually quashed, but not before the ritual abuse cases and their alleged victims were paraded in the news media.

Today, the children’s claims are believed to have been false memories planted by parents, law enforcement and therapists. …

Oh dear:

I will bet any amount of money that the vast majority (all?) of the young children who are discovered to be “transgender” have a mother who has mental health issues. And one who takes great pleasure in the tremendous social accolades that will be bestowed to her.