Most Republicans Won’t Move On From Trump, Because He’s the Greatest FU to the Ruling Class

Most Republicans Won’t Move On From Trump, Because He’s the Greatest FU to the Ruling Class. By Logan Hall.

Trump’s era was, and probably is, the last time flyover country will ever see executive representation in Washington again.

Looking ahead to 2024, we should ask, Have the voters in that overlooked region — so breezily dismissed time and time again — changed in any marked way? Are they ready to move on? If anything, they’ve become even more alienated and disgusted by the Washington establishment than they were in 2016.

In their eyes, there’s no better way to show disdain for the ruling elite than casting their lot with Trump. That was their motivation eight years ago, and that’s the motivation now. Diehard support for the former president, in many cases, is symbolic. It’s an act of defiance. It’s the biggest middle finger Forgotten Americans can give to a system they believe has failed them. And maybe that symbolism is all they feel they have left.

Could any other national leader show up to a place like East Palestine, Ohio and be met with a groundswell of adoration? These Ohioans — who have been targeted for destruction by globalist politicians on both sides of the aisle for decades — see that Trump is not a politician in the traditional sense. …

Against the presumptions of the elite media, most loyal Republican voters do not view claims of election fraud as tantamount to treason. They take it for granted that Trump had the election stolen from him, and they expect the Democrats to do it again. They expect Democrats to pull out all the stops. To lie, to cheat, to do whatever it takes. …

The Republican base has watched as Democrats rip up the Constitution, stomp on it, then light it on fire while they laugh at elected Republicans who don’t dare get in their way because of a deference to proceduralism. …

Trump is a wrecking ball. Trump destroyed multiple Republican political dynasties, shattered GOP neocon ideology, and tossed the old guard to the wind. The Bushes, the Cheneys, the Romneys, and the McCains don’t even hide the fact they are now de facto Democrats. From the perspective of the traditional GOP, Trump’s real crime was pulling the curtains back on the uniparty. …

So what’s preventing the Deep State from “fortifying” another election or spying on the next Republican president? Or hampering a GOP administration with dubious investigations and endless fake scandals? Or impeaching them for no reason? Or deplatforming them from social media? Or removing their voice from the public square? Or raiding their home? Would other candidates still be in the race if they were facing jail time and an unprecedented multi-state effort to weaponize the justice system and lock them up on bogus charges to prevent them from running? With the full weight of the Leviathan against him, Trump remains in the battle.

After 2016, the regime struck back. Exposed for what they are, the Left, along with their partners on the status quo Right, will do anything, to anyone, for any reason, if they feel their political project is in jeopardy. This corrupt establishment won’t leave Trump alone and continues to throw the book at January 6 political prisoners or anyone they deem a threat to their power.

If the regime can’t “move on” from Trump, why should Trump’s voters be expected to move on?

For every one of his faults, Trump was always Forgotten America’s champion. And for the time being, it doesn’t look like that will change. As his favorite saying goes, “In reality, they’re not after me. They’re after you.” This continues to be a popular meme catchphrase in conservative circles, but it rings true. Slick ads, fundraising records, and consultant-speak won’t change the way the base feels about President Trump.

Politics-as-usual hasn’t worked against him since he came down the escalator in 2015. And it won’t work now. Whether or not he can prevail in a national election remains a question, but so far as his party is concerned, the people chose him before, and the people are likely to choose him again.

Here’s a reminder, in the greatest speech from 2016.

“Trump’s election is going to be the biggest ‘fuck you’ ever recorded in human history and it will feel good.”

Megan Kelly also gets it, as Darren Beattie notes:

In reality, it stems from trust, unwavering loyalty, genuine love, and profound appreciation for a man who, despite having countless other paths available, has chosen to fight for the “forgotten American.”

Trump is willing to take on the fight, putting everything on the line — his family, his wealth, and even his personal freedom — to be the unwavering voice for the struggling middle class.

There’s one mass media figure who fully understands that very special bond in a way that nobody else does, and that person is Megyn Kelly. It may be shocking that she “gets it,” but she does. Megyn recently spoke out about DeSantis entering the race during her podcast. She basically laid out why Ron faces an uphill battle against President Trump, no matter how “based” his policies are.

The bottom line is that he it will be very difficult to break the unique and powerful bond Trump has forged with his base.

The problem with many media folks, establishment politicians, and left-wing zealots is that they never truly grasped the Trump movement and the relationship between him and his supporters. Instead of taking the time to understand it, they opted for the easy route of labeling it as “racist” and dismissing it.

As for DeSantis, the polls say he has about as much chance of running for President in 2024 as RFK — but the media want him to damage Trump:

In a fair election — only moderate media and Google bias, no bogus legal cases, only legal voters get to vote, no vote harvesting, and accurate vote counting — Trump would win in a landslide.