Reparations for slavery are unconstitutional, and the Dems know it

Reparations for slavery are unconstitutional, and the Dems know it. By Karl Denninger.

Democrat politicians have been buying votes for the last two decades with two policies:

Sanctuary cities. That is, come here, legal or not, access services which cost taxpayers money, and its fine. Whether that’s education, medical care, housing, whatever.

Reparations. The premise that black people today are owed something due to the legacy of slavery. …

You have to be kidding:

When it comes to both over-allocation of resources (e.g. dollars-per-pupil on education) and per-capita spend on welfare black people have gotten more and paid less for the last 50+ years to the tune of trillions of dollars. Anyone who wishes to argue for such has to deduct all of that out first and its entirely possible you might find that if you do black people owe everyone else, not the other way around.

The sanctuary city nonsense, however, was especially rich. …

NYC has turned several $500/night hotels into “sanctuaries” — with zero enforcement of law. The result is that they have immediately degenerated into drug, booze and orgy-filled hellholes that nobody in their right mind would stay in if there was any room for them to do so — but there isn’t. Oh, and the city is paying the same $500/nt. From where are they getting the money? It’ll be interesting to see how this works out given that this is basically screwing American citizens in NYC out of $15,000/month each that could otherwise be spent on them rather than the “migrant” lodging bill! …

They can’t and won’t pay for their expensive vote-buying:

Reality is that none of these left-leaning Democrats actually thought they’d have to cash the checks they were writing with their mouths. They were buying votes not with actual policy but with mere words that they never thought would be redeemed!

Now, unfortunately, the demands to “make good” are coming from all sides. …

It’s not legal and the backlash will be “interesting”:

You’d have to amend the Constitution to change this and every left-leaning politician who ran this garbage knows it. No attempt to invoke “reparations” would survive a challenge otherwise; that is, they knew damn well they were making a promise that could not be kept as it is directly unconstitutional to assess anyone — whether directly or otherwise — for a crime beyond the offender’s death including the only crime explicitly noted on the Constitution itself.

You see Article 1 Section 9 explicitly forbids a federal Bill of Attainder in all other circumstances, which is what reparations are; they are a declaration that a person or group of people is guilty of some offense and thereby punishing them since the funds for any such payments would have come from somewhere. Section 10 forbids the same act by a state.

In other words this always was a dead letter promise and everyone who made it knew it.

Now let’s see all those so-called “officials” deal with that fact and the backlash when every black American realizes that they were not only lied to but that the politicians who did so knew they were lying, knew what they were claiming and “studying” was per-se unconstitutional and would not survive ten seconds in a courtroom and made the promise to buy black votes anyway.

Racial tensions going up, Mr Otis.