Florida’s new immigration law prompts some to leave the state

Florida’s new immigration law prompts some to leave the state. By Yacob Reeves.

A new law that Gov. Ron DeSantis signed this month to tighten restrictions on Florida’s undocumented community is driving immigrants out of the state.

The legislation voids out-of-state driver’s licenses for those without proof of citizenship, bars municipalities from using state money to issue identification cards for undocumented immigrants and requires most companies in Florida to verify the immigration status of new hires, among other restrictions.

It also repeals a state law that allowed some undocumented immigrants to obtain a license to practice law in Florida.

Matt Vespa:

On July 1, new measures in the Sunshine State will greatly degrade the ability of illegal aliens to move and live among us freely. It’s a win for the state and for the country — and DeSantis should highlight this new law prominently if he wants to catch up with Trump in the polls. …

No one has the right to come to the United States illegally. That is a fact, and it’s also the law when enforced correctly. The Trump administration stopped the flow of illegals that got out of hand under Obama but has become a total circus under Biden. If the federal government won’t enforce the law, it’s up to states, like Florida, to do the heavy lifting.

Ace of Spades:

OnlyTrumpers keep insisting that this is all a Long Con and that the moment DeSantis gets the nomination, he’ll “betray” us.

This makes no sense. .. Why would a successful politician throw away that which has made him a success, just to “betray” Republican voters?

This is what the kids call “a cope.” It’s fairy tale people tell themselves to cope with the truth that DeSantis is the real deal, and even if you prefer Trump — fine, but please stop with the conspiratorial nonsense about a “Long Con.”

DeSantis’ record is exemplary, and one tires of lie after lie about it. He at least has earned enough respect to be treated as a Worthy Adversary, and not constantly smeared as a very strange kind of long-form conman who just wants the nomination so that he can “betray” conservatives. …

Screwing over your voting base only makes any sense if there is some larger base with which you can replace the one you’re abandoning. Given all of what DeSantis has done on pronouns, on banning CRT and gender theory in public schools, on ending DEI majors at Florida universities, at busing illegals to blue cities, on cancelling illegal’s drivers licenses — what liberal/moderate base could DeSantis possibly appeal to after he executes his Long Con and “betrays” the right? …

DeSantis has burned every bridge with the media and the NeverTrump/neocon contingent. They’re now praising Trump in order to attack DeSantis.