Solar Panels now in “top five” worst slave industries

Solar Panels now in “top five” worst slave industries. By Joanne Nova.

It’s no accident 84% of all the world’s solar panels are made in China

No one else can compete with slave labour, and no one else has as much coal fired electricity.

China has cornered the solar panel market and supply lines. Squint closely to see “the rest of the world”…


From Visual Capitalist. Click to enlarge.


 Jenna Clarke:

Leading Australian philanthropist Grace Forrest is warning ­Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen that the push for Australia’s green energy transition could force more people into slavery. …

The comprehensive international study, five years in the making, shows Australia’s supply chains and products at risk of human exploitation for the first time, including solar panels which are imported from China at a cost of close to $2bn.

“For the first time, we have solar panels in our top five most vulnerable products of modern slavery. This is a confronting ­reality, one that speaks to compounding an intersecting crisis,” Ms Forrest told The Australian.

Morally and practically insane.

Solar panels are only moderately affordable — in energy and financial terms they currently pay for themselves after a few years, but have an expected life of only 15 – 25 years. But that’s with slave labor and cheap electricity from coal.

If you made solar panels with solar electricity and first world labor, they do not pay for themselves, even at today’s artificially inflated electricity prices.

Someone’s making a lot of money, and someone’s feeling virtuous.