First serious setback to the climate cabal strangling Germany

First serious setback to the climate cabal strangling Germany. By Eugyppius.

The transition to renewable energy is no joke. If it’s ever fully accomplished, it will mean the immiseration and deindustrialisation of Germany. Until 2022, it has been managed very carefully, as the slow boiling of a frog. Ever more windmills, ever more solar installations, ever more expensive electricity, but nothing so sudden or drastic as to cause alarm.

The pandemic, however, has destabilised politics and society, even as it has driven the ambitions of politicians and bureaucrats to ever new heights. These are men who watched the state impose mass house arrests and coerce the vaccination of millions, and that experience has filled them with new, much more radical ideas about what is possible and where the limits of their power might be. …

Legally mandated home costs to go through the roof:

They responded with that same steely authority we saw for the first time from the lockdowners and the vaccinators returned, by proposing the Gebäudeenergiegesetz (GEG), which imposes crushingly expensive energy requirements on private homes, in service of reducing the emissions from residential heating.

Boomers are the most influential political bloc in Germany, and unlike many of the other insane policies we’ve seen, the GEG would hit them especially hard. Many are pensioners on fixed incomes, and they are also disproportionately likely to own their residences and to be liable for the insane expenses which the GEG will impose.

But the climate crew get set back by the backlash:

Patrick Graichen, energy transition mastermind, former head of the vile Agora Energiewende think-tank, and powerful Staatssekretär to the German Minister of Economic Affairs Robert Habeck, resigned his office Wednesday in disgrace [due to nepotism].

It is the first serious defeat to be dealt to the catastrophic climate cabal steering Germany energy policy.

Habeck and Graichen … downplayed the costs [of the GEG] and argued unconvincingly that the law would actually save consumers money in the longer term. Habeck could hardly do otherwise; he and his Greens are merely the face of these policies, which have been dreamed up over years in the thick warrens of think tanks and NGOs, out of sight and beyond public pressure. …

Why nepotism is integral to the climate cabal — like the mafia:

Graichen’s relatives and personal friends are strewn throughout the think-tanks and the NGOs of the climate cabal. This didn’t just come to light in April, although the press has felt a new freedom to report on these matters since the outcry against the GEG.

Graichen’s nepotism is not merely a reflection of an arrogance deriving from the power he has accumulated, as many journalists suggest. Personal relationships are how you maintain internal loyalty and messaging discipline, which is crucial for implementing the highly specific, controversial and catastrophic policies that fall under the heading of ‘energy transition.’

The problem for Graichen and his associates, is to create the illusion of a single unified Science that requires nothing but their specific desired solutions. They use all of the organisations under their control to outline and propagate this Science, and flood bureaucrats and politicians with white papers dictating what exactly they have to do. Everybody has to be on the same page for this. Personal connection within the climate cabal are therefore highly important; mafias are run the same way.

Science? Don’t be naive, follow the money:

Whenever anybody talks about the Science, you should of course be on guard. What you’re being fed is likely to be anything but scientific, and the energy transition path outlined by Graichen and the network of organisations around abounds in odd idiosyncrasies. Together, these suggest that limiting emissions is at best a secondary goal.

There is of course the puzzling mania to phase out nuclear power, but there are many other things too. This Twitter thread, for example, draws attention to the general hostility of Agora Energiewende to energy storage, which is crucial for any grid that is to be powered by intermittent energy sources like wind and solar. Agora has churned out statement after statement declaring that “the energy transition need not wait for power storage facilities,” until the grid runs on 60% or more renewable power. The little-noticed effect of this neglect, is to make the market for reserve power much more lucrative.

Reorganizing society for ideological reasons, but getting rich in the process. Win-win, for them.

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