Cash is King, Bitcoin is God

Cash is King, Bitcoin is God. By Mitchell Hamilton.

While most people rage over the Voice to Parliament or men competing in women’s sports, there is a real battle going on in the background that actually matters.

It is about the money. The be-all and end-all. And money is about to radically change with the attempted introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in most Western countries.

You could throw out the whole of Parliament and replace them with ideologically-selected elders and your life would hardly change — or allow men to dominate women’s sport and the world would continue in much the same way.

None of this matters. You are raging over the circus.

But if a CBDC takes over the world, you will know about it. You will know about it quickly.

The only battle worth fighting for is over the control of our monetary systems. Whoever controls the money controls you.

If a Covid-like event came around again and world leaders wanted to enforce a lockdown, they could do it as simply as shutting off the bank accounts of non-essential businesses. You can’t go to the pub if the pub is no longer able to accept payments. And the ability of a pub to accept payments can be switched off with the click of a button. Every man and business can be switched off with the click of a button…

How about the cows that are apparently causing climate change? The solution is simple. Only allow individuals to buy one steak per month. This is easy with a CBDC.

Not only is it easy, but it will be cheered, because the masses will be told it’s the only way to save the planet. They will demand it and their power-hungry leaders will happily comply.

This is the future that every Western government is planning for their citizens because they all have a CBDC roadmap. Some are more advanced than others. The US has made plans for a new system called FedNow which will be trialled in July. Officials from the Federal Reserve have come out and reassured people it’s not a CBDC, but it sure as hell quacks like one. …


It is important to see the value in a technology that allows you to send money from Sydney to Timbuktu to Antarctica to a freedom fighter in Russia.

It can’t be stopped, it can’t be censored, and it can’t be controlled. But it can be sent by any single person from anywhere in the world as easily as sending an email. This is the future of money.

Maybe we need to return to a new gold standard. They can’t print gold, it’s much harder to cheat, and it doesn’t disappear because you forget your password.

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