RFK Jr.: Green hero turned anti-vaccine activist, and the need to oppose both Covid and climate coercion

RFK Jr.: Green hero turned anti-vaccine activist, and the need to oppose both Covid and climate coercion. By  Scott Waldman, who is firmly ensconced in the ruling class narrative. It’s an interesting take on JKF Jr:

Kennedy once told Marc Morano, a conservative activist who runs a prominent climate denial blog, that those who reject climate science should be held criminally liable and that polluters should be thrown in jail. Now, Morano says, all is forgiven because Kennedy is “undergoing a genuine transformation over his views on the climate agenda.”

Morano considers the new Kennedy an ally in his fight to sow doubt and distrust around climate science, vaccine research and Covid-19 public health measures.

“I have received some flak from my fellow climate skeptics for being so welcoming and forgiving to RFK Jr., given his hostile history to anyone opposing the climate ‘consensus,’ but I truly believe we are at a pivotal point in U.S. history where we need to realign coalitions to oppose Covid and climate coercion,” Morano said. …


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was once a hero of the environment in New York.

He helped push a fracking ban. As an environmental lawyer, he spent more than three decades fighting for a cleaner Hudson River. He protected New York City’s reservoir in the Catskills. He pressed for the closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant. He founded an environmental group devoted to water protection that has worked on six continents.

That Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is gone.

The long shot presidential candidate and onetime crusader for environmental protections has transformed into a font of anti-vaccine misinformation and conspiracies. That includes promoting false claims about the assassination of his father, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and his uncle, President John F. Kennedy.

“It’s hard not to be sad about it,” said Alex Beauchamp, Northeast region director for Food & Water Watch, who was a Kennedy ally during the years long fight to ban fracking in New York.

“You start to have a couple of crazy views, and then, all of a sudden, you’re a full-blown conspiracy theorist,” Beauchamp said. “I do think it changed; I don’t think he was the same 10 years ago.” …


In the first weeks of his presidential campaign, Kennedy has not rejected climate science, but now claims that climate policy is part of an international conspiracy involving Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum. That type of rhetoric fits squarely with the “Great Reset” conspiracy, which holds that governments will exploit the protocols of the Covid-19 era to force “climate lockdowns,” including forcing people to eat bugs instead of meat.

“Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by, you know, the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and all of these big, you know, mega-billionaires, the same way that Covid was exploited, to use it as an excuse to clamp down top-down totalitarian controls on society,” Kennedy recently told radio show host Kim Iversen, who has also trafficked in conspiracy theories around Covid-19 and vaccines. …

The new Kennedy is a purveyor of cherry-picked and junk science who claims public health officials act like Nazis, compares Anthony Fauci to Adolf Hitler and invokes Anne Frank when discussing vaccinations. His own family is horrified at what he is doing to harm the public at large and the political legacy he inherited.

“Bobby’s lies and fear-mongering yesterday were both sickening and repulsive,” Kerry Kennedy wrote on Twitter after her brother referenced Anne Frank. “I strongly condemn him for his hateful rhetoric.”

More recently, Kerry Kennedy has made it clear that the family does not support his presidential run.

JFK has the right enemies.

Marc Morano adds:

RFK Jr. is being red-pilled by COVID to now expose that the same forces (UN, WEF, WHO) that pushed China-inspired COVID tyranny on the world are also pushing climate tyranny on the world. See: RFK Jr. red-pilled on climate agenda?! RFK Jr. declares climate ‘being exploited by the WEF & Bill Gates’ in ‘the same way that COVID was exploited’ – ‘Top-down totalitarian controls on society’

In my book, The Great Reset, I welcomed an alliance with RFK Jr. and climate skeptics. I officially granted him pardon for his past jail climate ‘denier’ comments. It was my 2014 interview with him at the New York City climate march that made his jailing ‘deniers’ comments go viral both then and now.

Page 252 of my book: I wrote. “All is forgiven by me for him wanting to jail climate skeptics after this anti-lockdown speech! Maybe climate skeptics can work with RFK Jr. on opposing the climate agenda someday. Climate skeptics have a big tent. We welcomed progressives Michael Moore & Michael Shellenberger, in 2020, and I am ready to welcome RFK Jr. to our issue as well.” …

I also believe that RFK Jr. is undergoing a genuine transformation over his views on the climate agenda — not necessarily on his scientific view of climate change. There is no way that he could accurately expose the WHO/UN/WEF and other public health organizations’ COVID ‘solutions’ and not see the same players pushing the same type of ‘solutions’ on climate change.

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