Truth Bombs

Truth Bombs. By Sarah Hoyt.

What is a truth bomb?

[The Left’s] idea of a truth bomb is running around screaming “Women are paid less than men” and cancel you if you point out that a) it’s a lie, if you compare apples to apples. (Women actually make more than men.) b) the fact they’ve screamed it a million times doesn’t make it any more correct than it was ten years ago c) It’s a lie and we’re tired of hearing it. Then they accuse you of being afraid of the truth, of trying to preserve your white male privilege (even if you’re not male or while) and repeat it some more. The fact that we tell them to pound sand is viewed as proof of how true it is. …

Truth bombs, as far as I can tell, are truths that everyone can see, but everyone is afraid to say out loud for whatever reason.

And when uttered out loud, even in veiled form, it has a disproportionate power because the people who hear it feel liberated and also relieved. It’s a combination of “Oh, thank heavens, I’m not crazy.” And “Preach it sister/brother of mine, say it loud.” …

Trump won in 2016 with a couple of truth bombs:

What propelled Donald Trump to his win in 2016, despite all his mistakes in campaigning (gleefully highlighted by everyone) was truth bombs: America can be great again and is being held up by the leadership. And: real nations have borders.

Against this, all the left could pose was the weak sauce of “jobs are never coming back, but we’ll give you so much welfare, peasants” and “racist.” Those weren’t enough, because we’d heard them a lot, and we knew PLAINLY they weren’t true. Because, well, obviously the truth is that we see everyday a nation being kept in shackles by sh*tty leadership and the woke infection. We are capable of so much …

And we know d*mn well we’re not racists. Heck, in public places, weddings, etc, I keep running into groups of Americans that would give Hitler nightmares. Sure, in some places, and some people — mostly hard left — are still trying to keep their groups “pristine race x” but the rest of us are gleefully making friends, mating and adopting (if only the states let this happen more often) across color lines and feature lines and hardly noticing. No one cares.

And if they stopped making us fill little “race” lines in forms for everything, we’d not even know …

No, Americans knew the reason they want us to have borders is that we’re being invaded. The race of the invaders doesn’t matter, but culture does. And culture is very hard to shed. And it’s even harder to assimilate into American culture when our culture is being riven by streams of people with very different cultures (who don’t even agree with each other, btw.) …

But in fact assimilation is possible and you can change your language. I’m writing this in my third language. I will never lose my accent, mostly because it would take months of work with a speech specialist and I don’t have the money or time (though the ability to dictate in standard programs might make it worth) but I can function in the language just fine, thank you. (And if you immigrate before some ill defined boundary around 17 or 18, you do lose your accent. Interestingly, the left is sure that the fact that I — or Melania Trump — have an accent means some kind of mental retardation. This means the cosmopolitans…. aren’t.)

Assimilation is just difficult, takes a long time, and is best done in isolation from your original community. …

And the invasion comes with its own hatreds. Which means Americans are not racist, but a lot of the newcomers are. …

Also and more visibly our rather generous safety net is being used almost exclusively by the invaders. Social services, schools, hospitals are all straining under looking after the newly arrived indigent who have neither the means nor the cultural capacity to be productive members of society.

So when Trump said, “You’re not a racist, you have a right not to be invaded” the truth bomb blew up in the minds of everyone who felt that if we were going to have welfare — and some of us do think we shouldn’t — it should go to people born and raised here, and that our schools shouldn’t be trying to teach — badly — in five different languages, and that old hatreds shouldn’t be replayed on our land.

And that plus “you can be great, if the government gets out of your way” wafted him to victory. A victory for which the left was completely unprepared because their cult prevents their seeing the truth. …

Truth bombs for today:

Off the top of my head and missing a lot, I’m sure:

  • This country is indeed being held back by its government and the Deep State will KEEL you before losing their jobs.
  • The state wants to import a new citizenry. And they don’t like you.
  • Destroying Trump — because they think he has Svengali like powers — is their number one priority, even as everything falls apart.
  • They either have no clue how anything works, or gleefully want to destroy economy and society. And probably “yes”.
  • They have some weird fetish with wanting you and your kids to eat all the bugs.
  • They can steal elections with impunity and there is not even a shred of credibility or security to our elections.
  • Our courts are useless against a color revolution
  • They have a weird fascination with sexual fetishes, and a need to parade them before our eyes at every level of power and control.

Nuclear truth bombs:

Right now, the strongest repressed truths … will destroy you if said or written, in most circumstances

The truths that even a lot of “right wing” (which sadly is now anything to the right of Lenin) sites suppress because they’re either afraid of being cancelled or because they don’t want to “sound crazy”.

  • The 2020 election was stolen. We all saw it happen. The bizarre stoppage of counting and suddenly it’s all Biden. The idea that someone like Biden had 80 million votes. The fact that most of us who live/d in vote-by-mail states call it vote by fraud. The fact that a lot of states changed to vote by fraud for the occasion. A lot of us have friends who either directly were or have friends who were among the ejected poll watchers. And we know that what we saw, after the Biden Potemkin campaign was impossible. We also can tell from the way all talk of the election being stolen has been suppressed and from the bizarre inauguration under guard, behind barbed wire, that not only was the election stolen, but they know it too. Opinion is more divided on whether 2022 was also stolen (Spoiler, it was) but we are sure that our election integrity is such that it’s almost impossible to tell what is legitimate any more.
  • The Covidiocy was in fact idiocy, engineered from the top, partly to steal the elections, but in part because the so called “elite” are terrified of us, and were afraid we’d legitimately revolt. (They don’t understand this country. Americans don’t revolt easily and when they do, you’ll know it. Late and thorough is practically our motto.) And they wanted to install a new-normal in which we all obeyed them like automatons. The vaccine might very well have been intended as a mass contraceptive. (It hasn’t worked superwell, because “chinese science.” And some of them might also have hoped it would reduce population. (Again, I think they wanted that, it’s just their science is made of Chinesium.)
  • We are being invaded and need to stop it right now and deport all the “not the best” who’ve been coming over from every sh*thole in the globe. Because a nation without borders isn’t a nation. …

Which presidential candidates are telling the truth bombs?

Trump speaks two, but he has serious issues with admitting the covidiocy was stupid. …

DeSantis cannot admit that the 2020 election was stolen. Heaven knows why. He thinks it’s a stick to hit Trump with. I think it will hurt him majorly. Running without admitting there’s something wrong with the elections brings the two way too close.

And yep RFA Jr. is the only one saying the entire Covidiocy was wrong and the vaccines for it are worse than the disease. Yes, sure, DeSantis has made noises in that direction, but not loud enough. Of course, he’s neither admitting election theft nor that open borders are daft. …

So change the world:

Each of those truth bombs are powerful in the way truth bombs are. By hitting people’s resentment at being silenced, and at having to lie even to themselves, they release very powerful emotions and a sense of righteousness, which, fully unleashed, can transform the face of the world in a relatively short time.

At this point, we’re living IN a powder keg. The question is: who will dare speak the truth to us?