Fox News runs from Tucker Carlson’s anti-ruling class, pro-middle class narrative

Fox News runs from Tucker Carlson’s anti-ruling class, pro-middle class narrative. By Bob Maistros.

Fox’s terse announcement about Tucker Carlson opened with a brazen insult to the intelligence of his core audience, Donald Trump’s “forgotten Americans.”

“Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have mutually agreed to part ways,” read Fox host Harris Faulkner.

This said of a host who had uttered the previous Friday his routine promise to return Monday? And who was reliably reported to have been working on that day’s show?


“We thank him for his service . . . ” From the network that days later demonstrated its appreciation, leaking a supposedly “racist” email its board evidently feared would come out at trial, to slime Carlson?


The suits were fairly shouting: we’re racing, full-speed, not just from Carlson but from his anti-ruling class, pro-middle class narrative. And from others he offered a platform, in the best journalistic tradition, to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

  • People like Julie Kelly, intrepidly unveiling a weaponized federal judicial system’s relentless tracking, torment, and outright torture of January 6 “insurrectionists.”
  • Or Alex Berenson, disdained and de-platformed in standing up to misrule and misrepresentations by COVID pooh-bahs and profiteers.
  • Or Christopher Rufo, questioner of critical race theory and decrier of LGBTQ infiltration into corporate America and schools, and his Manhattan Institute colleague, law enforcement defender and DEI-doubter Heather Mac Donald. …

The C-suiters may conclude that surviving the departures of heavy hitters Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly means they can cast aside any talent — and their audience.

But Carlson is qualitatively different than entertainer O’Reilly and telegenic Kelly. He’s the voice and beating heart of a movement, one whose adherents feel betrayed and abandoned by his ex-employer’s recent actions.

If Rupert Murdoch’s big thinkers believe they can emerge from these scandals with their credibility and heretofore loyal audience intact — then the stupid pills apparently being inhaled on Sixth Avenue are more potent than even this commentator imagined.

Newsmax now has better ratings than CNN. Anyone has to be better than the ruling class liars.

There is an audience half the size of the USA waiting to be serviced by any organization that will speak the truth to the narrative lies. That’s an enticing ad revenue lying around to be picked up, now that Fox has vacated the slot.