Soviets win after all: Obama and Merkel.

Soviets win after all: Obama and Merkel. By David Archibald.

Six years ago this article in American Thinker detailed the role of a German teenager by the name of Rainer Baake in initiating the ascent of Barack Obama to the highest office of the United States.

In the early 1970s the Soviet Union conceived a plan to have a black communist elected president on a racial-healing trope and, from that position, degrade the United States so that it became less of a rival. Young Rainer, a teenager in the then West Germany, was sent to Chicago as a community organiser to establish a communication channel with the Communist Party of the United States. Rainer was in Chicago from 1974 to 1978. Obama’s gig as a community organiser in Chicago was from June 1985 to May 1988.

In their death throes, the Soviets did the same with Germany after reunification. Angela Merkel, as a young East German, was such a staunch communist that she was allowed to travel to West Germany to visit her relative there without restriction. She followed what is now a common script in the West — pretend to be on the conservative side of politics while taking the country leftwards as fast as circumstances will allow. In her 16 years as Chancellor she did a lot of damage to Germany: economically, culturally and militarily.

In 2014, Herr Baake rose to the position of State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, in Merkel’s regime. In that role he staffed the ministry with green/left bureaucrats. He didn’t peak out there. After leaving the ministry in 2018, Herr Baake founded the Climate Neutrality Foundation, which is funded by the San Francisco-based Climate Imperative Foundation, in turn funded by billionaire families such as the Hewletts. So it is US money that is behind the destruction of Germany, just as effectively as bombing it.

How so? As with the Biden regime, with laws that impose prohibitive costs on the ordinary business of living. We need not go into the details; it is the German version of the Inflation Reduction Act, the banning of gas stoves etc. What is impressive is that Herr Baake has had a quite successful, near-50 year run at ruining the major countries of the West. It will take the United States and Germany some time to heal from the scars of that effort. This agent of the Soviet Union, via the East German Stasi, is indefatigable and one of the best agents they ever launched. It is really quite something. …

Herr Baake, an inspiration to wispy-bearded academics everywhere

Russia is now reaping the whirlwind of the Soviet Union’s Obama project. Obama hired progressives to run the State Department and those progressive set out to remake the world in their own image. Thus their badgering of Poland because it is a conservative Catholic country that doesn’t want to be despoiled by Muslim migrants. The Hungarians now consider the United States to be a main adversary — great work, State Department! The State Department ran the 2014 coup in Ukraine and chose the new government. Eastern Europeans I know make the sign of the cross when their hear Victoria Nuland’s name. Under Obama she was responsible for running the State Department’s efforts against Eastern Europe; a role resumed under Biden.

A modest proposal to begin the peace settlement in Ukraine: Russia apologises to the United States for inflicting Obama on it and the United States apologises for inflicting Victoria Nuland on Eastern Europe.