Durham proves that Hillary and the FBI tried to rig the 2016 election

Durham proves that Hillary and the FBI tried to rig the 2016 election. By James Bovard.

Special counsel John Durham exposed Monday how the FBI and Justice Department plotted to rig the 2016 presidential election.

His 316-page report proves federal law enforcement was weaponized by shielding the Hillary Clinton campaign and persecuting the Donald Trump campaign.

Yet despite the damning evidence, most of the media are treating the Durham report as a “nothingburger.”

FBI racketeering repeatedly rescued Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton Foundation raked in hundreds of million dollars of squirrely foreign contributions while she was secretary of state and revving up her presidential campaign.

The Durham report found that “senior FBI and Department officials placed restrictions on how [the Clinton Foundation investigation was] handled such that essentially no investigative activities occurred for months leading up to the election.”

On top of that dereliction, “the FBI appears to have made no effort to investigate . . . the Clinton campaign’s purported acceptance of a [illegal] campaign contribution that was made by the FBI’s own long-term [confidential human source] on behalf of Insider-I and, ultimately, Foreign Government.”

Top FBI officials also saved Hillary Clinton by scorning the federal statute book and treating her pervasive, perpetual violations of federal laws on classified documents as a harmless, unintentional error.

Shortly after FBI chief James Comey announced no charges against Hillary, “Clinton allegedly approved a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to tie Trump to Russia as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server,” according to the Durham report.

CIA chief John Brennan briefed President Barack Obama and other top officials on “alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal . . . to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.”

The Clinton campaign helped bankroll the notorious Steele dossier, which made sweeping, unsubstantiated and salacious accusations against Trump.

“The FBI discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia,” the report noted.

We’ve heard all this shocking news before, in dribs and drabs in the non-narrative media (like on the Wentworth Report). But it’s nice to see it confirmed by an official report.

Too late of course, the damage was done. The narrative people will pretend like it was no big deal — and will no doubt keep go on doing similar things.

For instance, in 2020 the FBI rigged another election by hiding the Hunter Biden laptop. Documents have now surfaced proving that the Chinese Government paid the Biden family over $10 million, and that’s just what’s been found out so far.

UPDATE  here.

This will be the end of democracy as we know it. Half the population knows it is being ripped off, and that it’s fundamentally and forever unfair.