Young Lefties are More Miserable

Young Lefties are More Miserable. By Matt Mergolis.

For years, studies have shown that conservatives are happier than liberals. It’s hard not to see how this would be the case. Think about it. Conservatives typically believe in traditional values, community involvement, religious affiliation, marriage, personal responsibility, self-reliance, individual rights, and personal freedoms… all things that help support social order, as well as a sense of purpose and stability.

So what do liberals generally stand for? Well, lately it’s become pretty clear that they’re all about shaking up the family dynamic and religion. They’re big on pushing for constant changes to traditional norms, claiming it’s all in the name of equality (or now equity) and social justice, while also being fans of the nanny state. And let’s not forget how they like to undermine moral values and sow division by playing the victim card all the time.

Which group do you think would be happier? …

According to a study conducted at Columbia University comparing conservative and liberal teenagers, conservative teens experience greater levels of happiness compared to their leftist peers — by a large margin.

A classic chicken and egg conundrum.