Diversity for Thee—But Not for Me

Diversity for Thee — But Not for Me. By Eric Kaufmann.

White progressives in America, as in Britain, avoid diverse neighborhoods and are more likely to leave diverse places than white conservatives. In effect, they don’t practice what they preach.

These are the findings from large-scale quantitative research in the United States and Britain, recently published in my academic article, “White flight from immigration?: Attitudes to diversity and white residential choice.”

What they say (virtue signal):

Diversity is a core value for white progressives in America and other Western countries. Over 60 percent of them support increasing immigration. As the Manhattan Institute’s Zach Goldberg shows, they are the only major part of the population to feel warmer toward other racial groups than toward their own: they rate whites as more lazy and violent, and less intelligent, than blacks.

You would think that aversion to one’s racial group would prompt white progressives to flee disproportionately white areas for more diverse ones. Surveys do show that white progressives are more likely than white conservatives to indicate that they want to live in diverse places. Studies that present Americans with showcards of stylized houses as a proxy for race —some colored white, some black, with the proportion of the latter varied — find that those with progressive racial attitudes say that they prefer more diverse places than conservatives. These findings have been replicated in Britain and the Netherlands. …

What they do:

I found that whites tended to move to whiter neighborhoods than minorities.

But did white Trump and anti-Trump Americans behave like British Brexit and Remain voters? Yes. … Whites who strongly opposed Trump moved to places that were just as white as whites who strongly supported him. …

White Republicans and Democrats, or pro- and anti-Trump supporters, don’t differ when it comes to the racial composition of their destination. …

White liberals and conservatives have the same domestic migration patterns when controlling for education, age, income, marital status, urbanity, and other factors.

White liberals are more likely to “flee” diverse places than white conservatives. A Swedish study likewise found that in diverse neighborhoods, whites who stayed expressed more negative attitudes toward immigrants than whites who left.

My shocked face is getting a major workout.