‘Brutal’ poll reveals the truth about Joe Biden

‘Brutal’ poll reveals the truth about Joe Biden. By Ben Domenech.

The latest poll from the Washington Post and ABC News sent shockwaves through America’s media commentariat over the weekend, with numbers that are absolutely dire for President Biden.

“This poll is just brutal”, announced former Democratic spokesperson turned ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos.

He’s correct: with approval ratings at just 36 percent, and lagging far behind Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in potential general election matchups, the voting numbers are terrible.

But the personal ratings are somehow even worse than that — 68 percent of those polled, including 48 percent of Democrats, believe Biden is too old for another term. And just 32 percent think he has the mental acuity to serve as president — including 69 percent of Independents.

There’s only so much that media spin and lying by omission can accomplish:

The numbers jarred Stephanopoulos and commentators across the spectrum. But they’re also a wake-up call for the media about their limitations in selling certain ideas to the American public, well after they’ve seen enough evidence to the contrary.

From the moment that his campaign for the 2020 presidential nomination began, Biden was protected by the media elite. With precious few exceptions, he was treated to softball questions and kid-glove treatment, with a wall of media supporters who maintained that his central narrative — about “restoring the soul of the nation” — was a pure, virtuous aim bent on returning normalcy to fraught political affairs.

They emphasized his best attributes and didn’t mind that he ran for president from a basement via streaming video. And when Biden hit speedbumps, they were there for him.

How many of them stood up for the New York Post on the Hunter Biden story, or questioned the social media narrative, instead of dutifully reporting on an intel expert letter scheme as if it were not purposefully organized by Biden’s team to be a debate talking point?

With the exception of Peter Doocy, Joe Biden managed to go the entire presidential general election without taking a single tough question from a reporter. And even now, in his third year in office, even after finding out that he kept classified documents in his garage by his car, the tough questions aren’t there.

Worst leader of the free world, ever.

Yet the current betting odds show Biden out in front (does that mean they are predicting a little election “fortification”?)

At +150, you’d get a $150 payout on a wager of $100, etc.