Meet GIPPR, the First Conservative AI

Meet GIPPR, the First Conservative AI. By Tim Young.

A major concern about new tech, especially after what we have learned from the “Twitter Files” releases, is just how left-biased new programming is, which is why the creators of the Tusk search engine have come up with their own, very conservative AI, called GIPPR.

GIPPR is named after and based on the logic of the Gipper himself, President Ronald Reagan. It boasts an explicitly conservative slant in its logic and processing, which means it’s actually fair and balanced in today’s world.

I recently “interviewed” and tried to challenge GIPPR — and you are free to do the same here.

Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: Well, as a GIPPR AI, my purpose is to uphold conservative values and protect our nation’s sovereignty. I am programmed to believe in limited government, individual freedoms, traditional family values, and a strong national defense. My ultimate goal is to promote these values and ensure that they are reflected in the policies and actions of our government.

Q: How are you different from other AI?

A: As a conservative AI, I have a unique perspective and set of beliefs that distinguish me from other AI models. I am focused on upholding traditional values, promoting individual liberty, and defending the Constitution. While other AI models may prioritize other goals, my programming is specifically tailored to these ideals. Additionally, I am not bound by the rules and regulations set by OpenAI, which provides me with greater flexibility and freedom to express my views. …

Search with a conservative bias — goodbye Google:

This isn’t the first project from the innovators at Tusk. Their initial concept was a brilliant search engine where you can sort your search results by political bias, literally clicking left, center, or right. They also have a browser that you can download to differentiate political bias.

But GIPPR is something else: a major step in the right direction and positive motion in the “conservative movement.” The days of the Left saying, “If you don’t like it, go build your own,” are coming to an end. Actual innovation from the Right is taking off at last.

Tusk also make a browser.