The Murdochs, tired of being pariahs in their social class, submit to the mob

The Murdochs, tired of being pariahs in their social class, submit to the mob. By the Z-Man.

One of the interesting elements to the Tucker Carlson story is that no one knows why he was fired, but lots of people are sure they know why he was fired. …

What is really going on with these theories is that they provide an escape from facing the underlying reality to this story. That reality is the people at the top of American society not only all agree on the important things, but they all agree that you are the real problem.

What defines people at the top of the managerial class is their disdain for normal people. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on members of the elite to conform to current fads.

Since Trump came down the escalator, the Murdoch family has been subjected to the worst sort of social pressure. Despite their great wealth, they still seek approval from their social class.

The reason they fired Tucker and will most likely turn Fox News into a gay version of CNN is they simply grew tired of being pariahs. Maybe the lawsuit was the final straw or maybe it was an innocuous thing, but they finally decided they were tired of fighting and submitted to their mob.

This has been the story of the last eight years. Trump and his supporters among the Cloud People have been viewed as traitors. The antibodies of the ruling class have been at work isolating and then expelling them. The Murdoch clan feared expulsion more than submission, so they submitted.

Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, has been expelled. Soon, Trump and his followers will be expelled, and democracy will have finally been cured of this terrible disease.

The outsiders outnumber the insiders. Hence the latter’s fear of a fair democracy.