Why the smart money’s still on Biden

Why the smart money’s still on Biden. By Juan Williams.

Biden is the favorite to win the 2024 presidential election, according to nonpartisan gamblers taking bets on the big political race.

The reason people are betting on Biden is that his likely opponent is Donald Trump.

Sixty-five percent of Americans recently told AP polling they cannot vote for Trump in 2024.

Gamblers also can see an even bigger edge for Biden among voters who don’t approve of Biden’s or Trump’s performance as president. “Biden tops Trump by 54 percent to 15 percent” among those discontented voters, according to a Wall Street Journal poll.

Values or victory?

At this early point in the GOP primary contest, Republicans seem to want a culture war candidate more than a candidate who can beat Biden.

“Most Republicans and Republican-leaning independents would choose a candidate who agrees with their views on major issues — 59 percent — over one who has a strong chance to beat Biden — 41 percent,” according to a March CNN poll.

Among the big issues driving 84 percent of Republicans is the belief that the 2024 election was stolen from Trump, according to CNN’s poll.

But then again, most of the polling companies doctor their polls before each election to advantage the left. Maybe these polls are just more anti-Trump gaslighting.