The Modern US Nation is Circling the Drain

The Modern US Nation is Circling the Drain. By David Cole.

But here’s the big difference between 1970s urban rot and that of the present day: In the ’70s, everyone took it for granted that the men at the top (be it federal, state, or city) were serious individuals. We trusted that the white dudes with the “establishment” haircuts and square suits who ran things didn’t want or like the rot. These men were flawed, as politicians are and always have been. They used mistresses or hookers, they drank, they stole. And a lot of ’em were “characters,” but in a Frank Rizzo way where we still instinctively understood that they cared about their city/state/nation.

Nobody said, “There should be more crime, prisons should be abolished, prosecutions should be ended, policing should cease, theft should be legalized, and crime victims should be told to go to hell if they complain.”

Nobody said, “Sex fiends should be mainstreamed and escorted by the National Guard like the Little Rock Nine into the bathrooms of schoolgirls to assault and terrorize them.”

Through the days of ’70s rot, we had optimism because it was taken for granted that the guys at the top were at least trying to fix things, if only because they knew it was their only path to reelection.

Now, the rot is qualitatively different:

That optimism is completely gone. And you can say, “Yeah, but once we vote out them DEMONRATS, them DIMOCRATS, we can beat 2020s rot, too!”

I ain’t so sure.

Hat wearing just … changed:

Did you know there’s a huge debate over who killed the hat? One day, most men wore hats outside the home. Then they didn’t. Some say JFK killed the hat. Others think it was Ike. But the point is, once wearing hats was no longer a matter of social pressure, of following a norm just because…once you were told, “Hey, you don’t gotta wear that; it’s your choice,” hat-wearing among men plummeted. Certainly, there are dudes who still wear hats, some on a daily basis, some occasionally. But hat-wearing will never again be what it was, because the taboo of not wearing one can’t be restored. Americans saw that you could ditch the hat, and life went on. You can’t roll things back to, “But you have to wear a hat because that’s just how it’s done.”

Everyone wore hats, even in the depression bread queues

Values we relied on are just … changing:

The stuff that previously could never be said, the stuff that even leftist Democrats wouldn’t say because they figured they’d get slaughtered at the ballot box, has been said. “Stop prosecuting crime, stop imprisoning criminals, stop caring about crime victims. There’s no such thing as a woman; there are only men in dresses, who must be celebrated, and lesser beings who think they’re women because they were born with a uterus and vagina, who must be vilified. White people are also lesser beings; they too must be vilified.”

This is out in the open now, promoted by politicians across the nation, by the media, and by corporations and schools. That genie can’t go back in the bottle, because previously unspeakable ideas are now normal discourse.

Even if you don’t agree with what’s being said, even if you hate it, you’re forced to acknowledge that it’s being spoken aloud and life in America goes on. Those previously unthinkable, unsayable talking points are being thought and spoken, and folks have grown used to it. Meaning that you can fight little fights here and there to keep the madness from spreading, but the taboo will never return.

In America’s golden days we didn’t say, “Men in dresses must be allowed entry into restrooms used by female children,” because we just didn’t. It was unthinkable. Once it became thinkable, and now that it’s a reality in cities across all U.S. regions, you can’t go back to the days when it was off the table. Each passing year, Americans just grow more and more used to it being there. So today, if you want to argue, “Mentally ill men in dresses shouldn’t watch female children pee,” you have to explain why.

Which means you’ve lost. …

Don’t call the undertaker yet, but we may be circling the drain.

Rearguard actions:

Because there are very few “serious men” left. They’re either on the side of the rot, or they’re too weak to fight it, or they’ve given themselves over to a level of reality detachment so severe, calling it cultish isn’t extreme enough. …

Certainly, the GOP establishment will be as useless as ever. … They’ll always be attentive to pro-life, because pro-lifers want only attention, not electoral victories. But beyond that, the GOP has become remarkably good at jumping on every new bullshit-wagon (blacks are magic, white is bad, men are women). …

Most high-profile rightists long ago caved on the race issue, and I’ll make a prediction: Four years from now…maybe less…those same weaklings will be claiming that the Democrats are the real transphobes. Mark my words; they’ll fold.

The fight’s just too damn hard.

I’m not being sarcastic; it really is. And every passing day makes it harder.

Modern America was based on Christianity and evolved from the recent past. Postmodern America has abandoned Christianity for woke and has set off in a new direction, discarding the lessons of the past.