Joe Biden wants to make data illegal if it contradicts the woke religion

Joe Biden wants to make data illegal if it contradicts the woke religion. By Darren Beattie. Even graphs of accurate information can now be illegal in the USA.

There has been a recent announcement by the Biden admin regarding the use of datasets that they claim are “imbalanced” and incorporate historical bias in the decision-making process. In other words, any data that has a negative repercussions on the slews of people listed as the “protected class” will be deemed illegal and thus, slated for destruction.

Down the memory hole with it, you bigots!

The image below is likely a good example of what the government will deem “imbalanced data.”



The government has stated that they wish to make any data leading to discriminatory outcomes illegal. This unbelievably brazen censorship move is part of the regime’s bigger plans to silence any dissenting voices …

It’s incredibly frightening that the US government is now banning data that might hurt someone’s feelings. We’re now putting progressive ideology and social justice nonsense ahead of the truth.

However, it’s highly doubtful our government officials will hold back on publishing datasets that paint white people in a negative light.

Sound preposterous, doesn’t it? Yet here is the proof:

Many automated systems rely on vast amounts of data to find patterns or correlations, and then apply those patterns to new data to perform tasks or make recommendations and predictions. While these tools can be useful, they also have the potential to produce outcomes that result in unlawful discrimination. …

Data and Datasets: … Automated systems also can correlate data with protected classes, which can lead to discriminatory outcomes.

Every data collection can be argued to be “automated” to some degree. Heh, you use a computer to collect those statistics or make that graph?

Truth is no defense. This regulation raises lying by omission to a whole new level.

Drip by drip, our freedom is disappearing. Actually, it’s more of a gush lately.