Biden Challengers Will Have To Beat Stepped-up Censorship Regime in 2024

Biden Challengers Will Have To Beat Stepped-up Censorship Regime in 2024. By Ben Weingarten.

Those who wish to unseat the incumbent commander-in-chief already face a formidable opponent in the Democratic Party and its myriad partners, including a national security apparatus currently targeting Biden’s chief opponent in this election, and that ran interference for Biden in the last one.

To win in 2024, Republicans will have to compete under a lax voting system largely of the Democrats’ own making, and which they manipulated and exploited to near perfection in 2020.

But Biden’s challengers will also be facing a hostile and censorious information regime that transcends Biden and the Democratic Party, under which dissent from Ruling Class orthodoxy will likely be given no hearing, and dissenters given few platforms — on grounds of protecting “health” and “public safety.” Biden’s opponents left and right may raise compelling points on any number of critical and contentious issues, but will Americans be permitted to see or hear them?


RFK Jr.’s ABC News interview exemplifies a “soft” version of how this regime will operate. …

When anti-establishment Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently sat for an interview with ABC News, only for the outlet to cut out his criticisms of the COVID-19 vaccine, it illustrated a little-discussed but overwhelming obstacle any challenger to President Joe Biden will face in 2024.

Anchor Linsey Davis, who interviewed the iconoclastic lawyer, justified ABC News’ suppression of his full remarks with a statement that might as well have been written and delivered by Dr. Anthony Fauci himself …

Kennedy “made false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines,” Davis said. “Data shows that the COVID-19 vaccine has prevented millions of hospitalizations and deaths from the disease.” Therefore, ABC News “used our editorial judgment in not including extended portions” of the relevant exchange.

You can say the forbidden information in the interview, but it won’t be broadcast on the media. The truths that contradict the regime with truth will not be broadcast.

We’ve found that in climate change. The last time the Australian ABC interviewed me, which was in in 2013, they went even further and trickily spliced together fragments of sentences many minutes apart in the interview to have me appear as if I said something I didn’t say and would never have. Here’s the proof.