Athletes ‘frightened to say no’ to the Voice

Athletes ‘frightened to say no’ to the Voice. By Paige Taylor.

Aboriginal leader Nyunggai Warren Mundine says pressure to support the Indigenous voice is so great that elite athletes confide to him they are afraid to reveal they do not back it and investors in his ventures have been threatened.

I get phone calls every day of the week from players in the AFL, rugby league, soccer … and they are saying they are scared, they don’t support the voice but they are scared to come out about it,” Mr Mundine told a parliamentary ­inquiry.

“It has silenced people. Anyone who says that it hasn’t I think they’re off in yaya land.

“People ­approach me all the time and they are scared and I have personal ­experience of it from my investors, and the threats.”

Woke politics works by ostracism, cancelling, and fear — not by persuasion or convincing by rational argument. Will it wreck Australia by setting us on the road to apartheid later this year?