Biden Is Desperately Seeking Trump

Biden Is Desperately Seeking Trump. By the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.

President Biden’s re-election announcement video on Tuesday was unusual, if not surprising. The early scenes are less about Mr. Biden’s record, and the sunny uplands of second-term hope, than they are about Donald Trump: images of the Jan. 6 riot, Trump signs, and a reference to “MAGA extremists.”

The video betrays a little too obviously what Democrats and the press know but don’t like to admit in public: Mr. Biden desperately wants a rematch with Donald Trump. He doesn’t want to run on his own record. He wants to run one more time by stoking fear about what might happen if the former President returns to the Oval Office.

Mr. Biden won in 2020 by campaigning largely as the anti-Trump — a reassuring old hand you wouldn’t have to think about every day — and he figures he can do it again. The campaign strategy of putting Mr. Trump front and center worked to minimize Democratic losses in 2022. …

The possibility that Mr. Biden’s decline could accelerate is real, as is the chance that he wouldn’t serve out his second term. Democrats will deny it, but a vote for Mr. Biden in 2024 is in a practical sense a vote for Ms. Harris as President as well. Resigning the office in his second term may even be part of Mr. Biden’s private calculation. That way Ms. Harris would become America’s first female President and could run in 2028 as an incumbent. …

The lowest-IQ US VP ever? Gotta be close.

No one motivates Democrats to vote more than Mr. Trump, who also divides Republicans and has lost support among independents and suburban voters since his 2016 victory. Since that lone triumph, he has been an electoral loser for Republicans.