Modern Technology Has Given the Left’s Manipulators the Upper Hand

Modern Technology Has Given the Left’s Manipulators the Upper Hand. By Al Fin.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and the exposure of its inner workings has revealed an undeniable truth: our technological media is infested by political agents who want to keep you blind and ignorant.

Consider two searches of the phrase “The real Jan 6,” one on YouTube and one on competing video site Rumble:

The search for “The real Jan 6″ on YouTube returns virtually all leftist media takes on the events that took place in and around the US Capitol on 6 January 2021. In almost all cases, the blame is placed entirely on Donald Trump and his supporters for the tragic outcomes of the day.

But if you do a search for “The real Jan 6” on Rumble, you see an entirely different point of view. You will see some of the same video footage, but with a detailed narrative that places the blame much differently than the videos seen on YouTube.

The same stark discrepancy is seen when you do parallel searches for “Rigged election 2020.” The search on YouTube provides a left corporate media outlook that could have been written by the hacks at the DNC. In fact, the left corporate media viewpoint and the corrupt DNC viewpoint appear to be one and the same, and have been converging since around 1992.

The search for “Rigged election 2020” on Rumble provides an entirely different set of detailed and comprehensive videos that provide a wealth of information that the left-corporate-government-media would rather that you never saw. …

The main thing to be learned from repeating this exercise over and over again, is that there are a lot of powerful people out there who want to control what you see, read, experience, and “know.”

What can you do to find the truth?

Here at Al Fin, we insist that every thinking person must build his own foundation of knowledge from a broad selection of sources. We suggest that every thinking person who considers himself educated should read at least 10,000 books — preferably by the age of 18-21 years of age. We realize that for many of you, most of these 10,000 will be entertaining works of fiction, but even there a good author must provide enough depth of background knowledge to provide the reader with a slice of reality along with the fantasy.

Whether you know it or not, all of these little slices of reality that a reader (and TV/movie viewer) gets from reading both fiction and nonfiction, will combine deep in the recesses of the mind. And then when the person is exposed to daily life through ordinary experience, unconscious fact-checking takes place on a large and continuous basis. …

Everything you see and read is already hopelessly out of date. The best you can do is take your tens of thousands of books that you have read, combine them with your experiences and your constant stream of ongoing information intake, and use your brain to reason things out. At the “Eureka” moment you will be up to date — for yourself — but then you immediately begin falling behind again.

Highly recommended if you have the time: