Poll: Voice support slipping

Poll: Voice support slipping. By Noah Yim.

A Roy Morgan poll conducted between Friday April 14 and Tuesday April 18 found 46 per cent of Australians were in favour of the voice, down seven percentage points from the pollster’s December results.

The no vote has galvanised in that time, with 39 per cent of respondents opposing the voice, up 9 percentage points from December.

Fifteen per cent of respondents were undecided, down two percentage points. …

We’re not buying it

The Australian’s Newspoll, conducted between February 1 and April 3, found majority support – 54 per cent – for the constitutional referendum and 38 per cent against.

The referendum for the voice to parliament is expected to be held in the last quarter of the year.

In the gay marriage referendum, the shy conservative factor was worth about 15%. This referendum will likely fail.