Criminal impulsivity is highly correlated with the violent gene. Guess who?

Criminal impulsivity is highly correlated with the violent gene. Guess who? By Spencer Quinn.

Noting the inherent difference in intelligence between blacks and whites is what started me on the road to dissidence.

And nearly 100% of the people I’ve brought along with me, I red-pilled the same way: by demonstrating that IQ is real and that intelligence is not bestowed equally among the races. It seems that once a person accepts this, he automatically becomes a dissident, since race-realism necessarily rejects the racial egalitarianism which is the linchpin of all modern Leftist dogma. Much of current globalism falls apart without it — which explains why globalists so vehemently suppress race realism. …

Race-realism now necessary for survival:

When demarcating distinctions between neighboring ethnicities with similar IQs such as, say, Romanians and Bulgarians, then cultural elements such as language, tradition, and religion could very well trump IQ. This is why the IQ question should rarely enter any conversations about petty European nationalisms.

On the other hand, when a white diaspora finds itself sharing a country with millions of sub-Saharan Africans whose IQ is a standard deviation lower than theirs and whose temperament is far more violent and impulsive, race realism becomes a necessity for survival. This was a no-brainer a century ago, when the Left hadn’t yet completed its long march through our institutions. During this time of — for lack of a better term — white supremacy, black-on-white crime was much lower than it is now. …

The lies about race are central to modern leftism:

But now that the Left has not only completed its march through our institutions but is in the process of destroying them, obfuscating racial differences has become its top cultural priority.

In the past 50 years, the Left has brought this about mainly through legislation, integration, propaganda, and affirmative action. Race realism, when expressed in scientific and psychometric terms, becomes the best defense against this four-pronged attack because it undermines all of them. And describing the obvious physical differences between the races just isn’t going to cut it. No, we have to go to the genetic level.

Criminal impulsivity is highly correlated with a single gene, MAO-R2, known as the violent gene or the warrior gene:

This can be accomplished in two ways: demonstrating racial differences based on the genetic source of criminal impulsivity, and demonstrating racial differences based on the genetic source of intelligence. Tall orders, both, but progress is being made. For example, Nicholas Wade, in his 2014 work A Troubled Inheritance, writes of a gene called MAO-A:

As it happens, the promoter for MAO-A is quite variable in the human population. People may have two, three, four or five copies of it, and the more copies they have, the more of the MAO-A enzyme their cells produce. What difference does this make a person’s behavior? Quite a lot, it turns out. People with three, four or five copies of the MAO-A promoter are normal but those with only two copies have a much higher level of delinquency.

Basically, the number of MAO-A gene copies a person has correlates positively with impulse control. After citing a study which helps prove this, he writes:

If individuals can differ in the genetic structure of their MAO-A gene and its controls, is the same also true of races and ethnicities? The answer is yes. …”

Then for the coup de grace, Wade offers a study led by Michael Vaughan of Saint Louis University from 2012 which demonstrates that five percent of the black men they observed possessed only two of these MAO-A promoters. The researchers then compared the members of this group’s life histories to those of the blacks with three or four promoters, and found that the former group was much more likely to be arrested or imprisoned. Wade notes drily, “The same comparison could not be made in white, or Caucasian, males, the researchers report, because only 0.1% carry the two-promoter allele.”



This is great. Here we have scientific evidence which refutes Leftist egalitarianism and the absurd claim that it is racial oppression or “white supremacy” which puts so many black males in prison.

5% of black males carry the two-promoter allele and 5% of the prison-eligible black men in America are currently incarcerated. I know it’s not nearly as simple as this. … Not exactly exact, but still, at first blush, the predictive power of the MAO-A promoter gene is uncanny, to say the least. So is its power to undermine Leftist egalitarian dogma.

NSFW. Europe and eastern Asia have been killing and locking up murderers and violent criminals for a thousand years, and have (miraculously, to the left, who furiously deny natural selection in humans) become much less violent places.

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