US defamation law is being altered by the left to silence critics and put Fox out of business

US defamation law is being altered by the left to silence critics and put Fox out of business. By Darren Beattie.

The most revealing moment of the Dominion saga occurred Tuesday afternoon, when Dominion lawyer Davinda Brook thanked the assembled press for the role they had played in the company’s heist. …

Brook’s thanks were well-aimed. Every step of the Dominion lawsuit was a collaborative effort between lawyers and an army of press allies. Their objective: the destruction of a rival press outlet they hated, and the remaking of American defamation laws in order to do it.

The rest of the media went on a gloating spree over Fox’s misfortune.

This is a momentous evolution in the relationship between the Regime and the American press. … The amount of damages Fox News was facing, and the amount it consequently had to settle for, was cartoonishly out of proportion to any actual harm inflicted by Fox’s reporting. The scale of these damages, and those being sought in a similar lawsuit by fellow voting machine company Smartmatic, are not about remedying a harm. They are about putting Fox out of business.

And the rest of the press is cheering.

Believe it or not, this is a recent development. In 2009, when the Obama administration tried to squeeze Fox out of the pool of accepted news organizations, it ran into stiff resistance from other press outlets … Those versions of CNN and network news are gone …

A new press has arrived — one perfectly happy to collude with both government and the legal apparatus to grind down a designated enemy. …

Standards had changed because, more or less, hatred of alternative media had overwhelmed scruples about freedom of speech and the press …

Owning most of the media and being able to “fortify” elections means they no longer fear the same being done to them:

Confident that they will always hold the levers over how defamation law is used, the press has decided the law may be changed. Bringing a defamation suit should [now] be easy, and grossly punitive, so long as it can afflict the afflicted and comfort the comfortable. Such a cavalier attitude towards freedom of the press might someday soon come back to haunt the mainstream media.

The USA has been fundamentally transformed. Real democracy is being replaced by the left’s “democracy.” The rest of the free world is in peril. This will become more obvious in retrospect, but the signs are pretty unmistakable now.


PS:  I was contacted yesterday by someone upset that the Fox-Dominion trial did not go ahead, thereby preventing legal argument over 2020 election misbehavior. Sadly, we resign ourselves here to never knowing the truth for sure — the truth was suppressed then, is suppressed now, the evidence is disappearing (much of it is only required to be kept for two years), and any wrongdoing will be forever denied by the powerful. Trying to prove vote fraud is very difficult in the best of circumstances, let alone when the evidence is electronic and statistical. The right’s establishment have given up trying, just gritting there teeth and moving on, determined not to let it happen again.

However, some are still trying to prove the fraud. Here, for instance, is Dr. Douglas G. Frank’s Election Analysis. He raises some good points, but ultimately I find this by itself unconvincing. Yes, there are many, many signs that things weren’t on the level. Naturally he is called names and pooh-poohed by the left, without ever having his arguments directly addressed.