RFK Jr. blames Trump for Locking Down the Country in 2020, for Not Standing Up to the Bureaucrats

RFK Jr. blames Trump for Locking Down the Country in 2020, for Not Standing Up to the Bureaucrats. By Debra Heine.

Kennedy, the third of 11 children of the late Sen. Robert Kennedy and Ethel Skakel Kennedy, made the remarks as he launched his bid to run for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in Boston, Massachusetts.

His candidacy has debuted with the support of 14 percent of voters who backed Joe Biden in 2020, according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll.

“The lockdown was the biggest shift in wealth in human history,” RFK Jr. told the overflow, standing-room-only crowd at Boston Park Plaza. “I blame President Trump for the lockdown.”

While admitting that Trump gets blamed for a lot of things he didn’t do, Kennedy declared that “the worst thing that he did to this country, to our civil rights, to our economy, and the middle class in this country was the lockdown.”

The Democrat noted “in fairness” that Trump often tells people that “the lockdown wasn’t my idea — my bureaucrats rolled me on it — I was saying we shouldn’t do it.”

Indeed, former NIAID Director Anthony Fauci and White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx have been credited with pushing for the lockdown policies behind the scenes.

“But that’s not a good enough excuse,” RFK Jr. declared. “He was the President of the United States, and as Harry Truman said, ‘the buck stops here.’” …

Trump has never apologized for locking down the country.

“The International Monetary Fund and Harvard study by Larry Summers found that the cost of the lockdown to the United States was $16 trillion — $16 trillion for nothing!” Kennedy exclaimed. “We shifted $4 trillion from the middle class in this country to the super rich. We created 500 new billionaires and the existing billionaires increased their wealth by 30 percent,” he continued.

“This was a gift to the rich and the people who got richest were the social media companies like Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft that were conspiring with President Trump’s White House to censor people like me,” RFK Jr. added. “So the very people who were profiting on those lockdowns, were the ones who were strip-mining the wealth from the middle class in this country.”

Kennedy said the lockdown allowed Amazon to “shutdown all of its competitors — 3.3 million businesses it shut down.”

That makes three interesting, anti-swamp politicians now in the 2024 US race: Trump, DeSantis, and RFK.